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Bloomberg News Staffer Has Been in Jail in China Since Dec. 2020
Bloomberg China News staffer, Haze Fan, has been missing for over a year now amidst growing concerns over her and other journalists’ safety in China and worldwide. Fan, a Chinese national, was last seen on...
The New York stock Exchange
Hard Times for Stock Market, Small Businesses Under Biden: Poll Respondents
A recent CNBC poll of the investment community has surveyed how they believe the economy would fare under a Biden administration. The December poll results found that two thirds believe the stock market will do...
Trump supporters at a rally in Wisconsin on Nov. 14, 2020. Just 23 percent of Trump voters believe that the president lost re-election against Joe Biden.
Amid Fraud Allegations, Only 3 Percent of Trump Voters Believe He Lost the Election to Biden
The 2020 U.S. presidential election has engendered a serious perceptive divide over its results, with just 3 percent of Trump voters agreeing that Democratic contender Joe Biden won the race, according to a recent survey.  ...