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Tag: Digital ID

Uganda is set to collect DNA in an upcoming transition to a digital ID system.
Uganda Set to Deploy DNA Recognition ‘Smart Digital’ Biometric ID
The African nation of Uganda will upgrade its already existing national ID system to a Chinese Communist...
The CEO of a Dutch Rabobank division wants to install social credit masquerading as a carbon credit wallet.
Dutch Bank CEO Proposes Turning Carbon Usage Into a Tokenized Commodity
Barbara Baarsma, CEO of a Netherlands-based bank, created a stir on social media after openly advocating...
The Government of Greece deploys a new app to replace drivers licenses with digital ID social credit
Greece Moves Towards Social Credit as Digital ID App Replaces Drivers Licenses
Greece has taken the next step forward in transitioning its society to a Chinese Communist Party-style...
The EU and UK will fit new cars with devices that use AI surveillance to forcibly enforce posted speed limits, starting July 6.
New UK and EU Cars to Be Equipped With AI Speed Surveillance and Intervention Devices Starting in July
New cars sold in Europe are to be fitted with a forcible speed controlling device as a safety measure...
In Canada, Implementation of Digital ID Lays Foundations for China-style Social Credit System
News analysis Canada is rapidly deploying the infrastructure needed to implement nation wide digital...