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Tag: Green Energy Fallacy

The woke and green Glastonbury Festival charged EV drivers 80 pounds to charge their vehicle and usd a diesel generator to procide it.
Concertgoers of ‘Green’ UK Festival Charged £80 an Hour To Charge EVs With Diesel Generator
A popular “contemporary performing arts” festival in the United Kingdom took attendees who traveled by electric vehicle for a ride last week, billing those who needed to charge on-site £80 an hour. The greenest part...
Two women had an EV nightmare together as the 2,000 mile road trip they took in a Kia turned out to be a range and charging station disaster.
Two Women Rented an EV for a 2,000-mile Road Trip, and It Was a Nightmare
Two women who planned a roundtrip from New Orleans to Chicago by electric vehicle thought they would enjoy a fun ride. Instead, they experienced a nerve-wracking nightmare. Based on the reported battery range of up...