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NY: Citing Increased Gun Violence, Mayor Adams Urges Congress to Crack Down on Guns
On June 8, New York City Mayor Eric Adams testified before the U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee and insisted that it was “time to decide if we are going to be a nation of...
Popular YouTube Podcaster Encourages Protesters to Bomb NRA Conference
Ethan Klein, host of the popular left-wing podcast “The H3 Podcast” told his close to three million subscribers on Youtube on Friday that someone should bomb the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting that was being...
Following Numerous Gang-Related Shootings, Bronx DA Calls on Local Rappers to Stop Encouraging the Violence
Following the arrests of 22 men and a 17-year-old on May 24 for allegedly committing six shootings and “wildly” shooting at rival gang members during a Bronx turf war, Bronx District Attorney, Darcel Clark, is...
Rosanna-Arquette-Love-is-Love-Is-Love-Premiere-Laemmle-Monica-Film-Center-Santa-Monica- California-slammed-TikTok-boss-allowing-threats-potential-gun-violence-schools-Getty-Images-1236570075
Rosanna Arquette Blasts TikTok for Offering a Platform for ‘Mass Potential Gun Violence’
On Dec. 17, Hollywood star Rosanna Arquette lashed out on Twitter, accusing the owner of TikTok of allowing imminent threats of “mass potential gun violence” in public schools to happen without intervening or alarming authorities....