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mRNA inventor Robert Malone warns that the CCP's mandatory vaccination policy is creating the conditions needed for the evolution of a super virus.
‘A Perfect Storm’: Robert Malone Warns China’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy Creating Conditions For Evolution of a ‘Super Virus’
Messenger RNA technology contributor Dr. Robert Malone has warned that both the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the western world’s mandatory and coerced vaccination campaigns are creating the conditions needed for the evolution of a...
Chinese Military Deploys Troops as Xi’an Outbreak Worsens
Authorities report only a handful of COVID cases, but locals suspect the real concern is rodent-spread hemorrhagic fever Around 150 medical staff from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) air force have been dispatched to Xi’an,...
90 Communities Locked Down in Xi’an, China After COVID-19 Spike; Grocery Shopping Allowed Once Every 2 Days
Videos shared on Chinese social media sites show hundreds of people in the northwestern city of Xi'an standing in the cold to get tested for COVID-19. Other footage shows residential entryways lined with barbed wire....
Xi’an Residents Fear Plague Outbreak as Locals Suffer Hemorrhagic Fever
China is facing an unsettling year-end. A recent outbreak of hemorrhagic fever has emerged in the northwestern province of Shaanxi while COVID-19 cases continue to spread across the country. Several hemorrhagic fever cases and deaths...