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The CEO of a Dutch Rabobank division wants to install social credit masquerading as a carbon credit wallet.
Dutch Bank CEO Proposes Turning Carbon Usage Into a Tokenized Commodity
Barbara Baarsma, CEO of a Netherlands-based bank, created a stir on social media after openly advocating for a communist-style carbon credit system that would tax people for using their freedom of movement rights. “There are...
Thousands of Dutch Farmers Protest Government’s Plan to Reign In Emissions
In a scene reminiscent of the Freedom Convoy protests that rocked Canada’s capital of Ottawa earlier this year, Dutch Farmers, driving tractors, have clogged roadways in the Netherlands on their way to protest the government’s...
In Europe, Hundreds of Indiscriminate Needle Attacks Have Authorities Baffled
Authorities across Europe are grappling with a dangerous new trend, indiscriminate needle attacks against unsuspecting victims. In France more than 300 people have reported being pricked with a needle while at a nightclub or attending...
European Countries Prepare to Ration Natural Gas as Russia Threatens to Turn Off the Taps
Germany, Austria and the Netherlands are among the European countries that have started the process to ration natural gas after Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to cut off the countries from its gas unless they...
Winter Olympics 2022: Netherlands Asks Athletes to Not Take Phones and Laptops to China
The Dutch Olympic Committee (NOCNSF) has asked the country’s athletes, who are participating in the 2022 Winter Olympics scheduled in Beijing next month, to leave their laptops and phones at their homes to avoid the...
A medical worker (L) administers a Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine to a man at a temporary vaccination center in Beijing on January 8, 2021. (Image: STR/CNS/AFP via Getty Images)
AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Suspended in Countries Worldwide
The Danish government has temporarily stopped administering AstraZeneca COVID-19 shots after several people experienced blood clots. The country’s health authority stated that its decision was based on a precautionary principle. The decision to suspend AstraZeeca...