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WHO’s COVID-19 Origin ‘Study Carried Out by CCP’

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a report of the study conducted in communist China about the coronavirus pandemic’s origin. The report states that the COVID-19 virus, also known as the CCP virus, likely spread from bats to humans via another animal while calling the lab leak theory “extremely unlikely.”  The White House criticized […]

France’s Coronavirus Vaccination Efforts Hampered by Public Skepticism

The French government’s effort to get citizens quickly vaccinated against the coronavirus is faltering due to skepticism among the public regarding the vaccine. In December, an Ipsos survey conducted with the World Economic Forum indicated that only two-fifths of the French population intended to get inoculated, one of the world’s lowest ratios. The younger population, […]

13 People Have Died in Norway After Taking Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine

Norwegian Medicines Agency, the country’s medical regulatory authority, has announced a series of deaths among people who had been inoculated with Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. The country started vaccinating people in late December and over 25,000 citizens have been inoculated so far, with many admitting to having experienced some side effects. Of the reported 29 deaths, […]

Woodnest Cabins: Experience the Wilderness at Its Best

Come explore the Woodnest Cabins and experience the beauty of the wild. In recent times, there’s been a steadily growing trend of people living...

How Norway Can Help Us Survive the Upcoming COVID-19 Winter

Winter will be hitting the United States in a couple of months. Some experts are apprehensive that the colder temperatures might trigger a rise...

Smith: The Man Who Forgot His Past

In 2014, a mysterious man was found in a snowdrift near Oslo, Norway. Diagnosed with amnesia, he had no idea who he was. Thanks...

Health and Nature: Norway Shows World How to Design Hospitals

Hospitals carry a variety of equipment to deal with any medical condition your body might be afflicted with. However, most of them fail at...

Ever Wondered Why Nordic Nations Are Ranked the Best Places to Live?

In the World Happiness Report 2018, the Nordic countries of Finland, Denmark, and Norway were ranked as the three happiest nations in the world....

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