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People raise their fist in a similar fashion to a Communist-Party salute during a demonstration near the George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 18, 2021. An Asian-American mother blasted the Loudoun County School Board, saying the Critical Race Theory being taught in class is just the American version of the Cultural Revolution she lived through under Mao Zedong’s reign of terror.
Asian-American Mother Blasts Critical Race Theory as ‘American Version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution’
A concerned Asian-American mother made waves at a School Board meeting for the embattled Loudoun County in Virginia when she openly criticized Critical Race Theory (CRT) for being an analog to the doctrine of class...
Army officer Kendall Qualls has voiced opposition against the racial divide propagated by Critical Race Theorists.
Black Community Leader Launches Organization to Fight Critical Race Theory
Kendall Qualls, a former U.S. army officer who worked in Fortune 100 healthcare companies, has spoken out against Critical Race Theory (CRT), which he says pits black people against other races. Qualls is the founder...