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Tag: Proxy War

The US has depleted its weapon stockpiles, especially of the Howitzer 155mm artillery, in its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine
US Armed Forces Running on Depleted Weapons Stockpiles After Mass Donations to Ukraine
America's arsenal has been reduced to “dangerously low levels” due to Washington's generous aid to Ukraine...
East and West Clash in a Proxy Conflict Over Serbia, President Vucic Says
Serbia is the stage for a proxy war between East and West, President Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday,...
The Biden Admin is courting nuclear war with Russia as it plans to donate four Hellfire missile drones to Ukraine.
Washington Further Provokes Moscow With Rumors of Pending Hellfire Missile Drone Sale To Ukraine
The Joe Biden Administration is planning on selling Ukraine a quartet of high-level drones that can be...
Russian media issued a nuclear warning to Washington after the US announced it would donate the HIMARS missile battery to Ukraine in its proxy war against Putin.
Russian Media Rhetoric Points Nuclear Warning At Washington Over Ukraine Intervention
Brinkmanship between the United States and the Russian Federation dramatically escalated at the start...