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Russian child blogger Liza Anokhina (L), 12, participates in a shoot for her blog in a Moscow park on September 13, 2019. Liza Anokhina is one of Russia's most popular child bloggers with 2.3 million followers on Instagram. 44 State Attorneys General called on Mark Zuckerberg to abandon the installation of a version of Instagram targeting children, citing child sexual exploitation, depression, and suicide as inherent risk factors.
State Attorneys General Call on Zuckerberg to Scrap Instagram for Kids
The Attorneys General for 44 U.S. states signed an open letter to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg asking the...
Lisa Haba is a partner at Haba Law Firm in Florida
Twitter Faces Lawsuit for Refusing to Remove Pedophilic Content
Lisa Haba is a partner at Haba Law Firm in Florida. On Jan. 20, the firm, together with Matiasic Firm...