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U.S. Army General Donald Bolduc delivers a speech during the inauguration of a military base in Thies, 70 km from Dakar, on February 8, 2016. Bolduc was one of the 124 signatories to a recent letter warning the Biden administration and Democrats were installing socialism and communism, undermining America’s Constitutional republic.
124 Retired Generals and Admirals Warn Socialism, Marxism Being Installed in America
124 retired U.S. admirals and generals have signed an open letter saying that America is in an existential battle for survival, being fought between the supporters of constitutional freedom and liberty and adherents of Marxism....
Long-time coal miner Billy Griffith pauses while working at a coal prep plant in Welch, West Virginia. The existing federal debt amounts to a $796,000 burden per taxpayer. “This spending agenda is about giving Washington more power and influence to interfere in the lives and livelihoods of America’s working class,” Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO)
US National Debt is Actually $123 Trillion: Report
According to a recent report from non-partisan American think tank Truth in Accounting, the true size of the U.S. national debt is actually $123 trillion, amounting to a $796,000 burden per taxpayer. As a result,...