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Dutch MP Argues Nitrogen Cuts Part of Globalist Agenda to Disown Farmers and House Immigrants

Victor Westerkamp
Victor resides in the Netherlands and writes about freedom and governmental and social changes to the democratic form of nations.
Published: July 14, 2022
Dutch MP Thierry Baudet says the nitrogen cuts are really just The Great Reset and globalization.
Opposition leader and frontman of the Forum for Democracy (FvD) party Theirry Baudet argues that the Dutch government's current nitrogen reduction policy and the ensuing protests are not an isolated issue, but the result of a worldwide push for centralized mass food production. (Image: Bas Czerwinski / ANP / AFP)

Dutch MP Thierry Baudet argues the current nitrogen reduction plans are part of the UN Agenda 2030 to make way for colossal housing complexes to accommodate giant streams of immigrants.

During a July 8 interview with Epoch Times reporter Roman Balmakov, Baudet argued that the current nitrogen issuing reduction policy of the Netherlands government and the ensuing farmers’ protests are not isolated issues, but part of a worldwide push for centralized mass food production and a land grab by squeezing the farmers out of business.

“How is it possible that in an age where everybody’s talking about the possibility of food shortages, of insecure supply chains, the Dutch government is pursuing this policy which will lead to even more dependence on international supply chains and, thus, uncertainty for the Dutch people?” Baudet, frontman of the right-wing Forum for Democracy (FvD) Party, scoffed during the interview.

The Great Reset

“The answer is the people governing this country are following the script written by the EU to realize what they call a ‘Great Reset.’ They want to make us more dependent on international supply chains. They want to weaken Dutch sovereignty and autonomy,” Baudet contended.

“The real point here is the Great Reset, mass migration, [and] transnational governance. And that’s why the people have to become atomized—they have to lose their connection with the land. And that’s why they’re hitting the farmers,” he said.


When asked about why Dutch lawmakers never seem concerned with potential consequences of implementing their catastrophic policies, Baudet answered: 

“These are very small, narrow-minded people. And of course, the larger agenda, the globalist agenda, there are people who are thinking about it, and they are seeing how all these things are useful and come into play one and the other. But, unfortunately, I’m afraid there are a lot of really stupid people here [in Parliament] who just can’t see how disastrous their policies are.”

Expectations for the future

When Balmakov wondered whether all these protests would have any effect or would be futile, Baudet answered:

“There is one possibility…If they set up a strike, a general strike where they won’t deliver us any fish anymore. They won’t deliver us any meat anymore. Any milk anymore…But this can only work if the farmers, and the fishermen, and all the people, perhaps even internationally, they really form a coalition and stick to it.”

All eyes are on Holland nowadays, Balmakov noted as he asked Baudet, “So what would you tell the people watching this around the world in different countries as they’re watching what’s happening in the Netherlands?”

“We are in this fight together,” Baudet said.

“We saw it during the COVID scam for two years. The same monstrous policies were imposed on us in all of our nations. We’ve seen it with the mass migration. All our peoples are being diluted by the systematic influx of people from entirely different ethnicities, and cultures, and religions, and so on.”

“A radical agenda is being pushed, which is called the Sustainable Development Goals, which is all the climate hysteria of which, scientifically, it’s bonkers,” he added. 

“If you zoom out, you see this trend towards bureaucratic dictatorship that is being imposed on all of us, and only if we unite…and we fight this together, can we succeed, and we must do it.” 

“It’s the single most existential fight in the history of civilization. We’re doing it now and they want to be ready in 2030. That’s the year they set for their goals to have been achieved, the globalist takeover. So we have eight years to fight this. Let’s do it together,” Baudet concluded.