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Elderly and Disabled Were Pressured to Vote for Biden in Wisconsin: Hearings

Published: December 14, 2020
A nursing home resident was pressured into voting for Biden
source: Youtube screenshot

At one of the recent public hearings jointly held by the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections and the Senate Committee on Elections, Ethics and Rural Issues, an incident involving voter manipulation came to light. A nursing home resident testified that she originally wanted to vote for Trump. However, due to pressure from the nursing home staff, she voted in the end for Biden, despite her reservations. 

Wisconsin is one of the key states in which the Trump campaign is fighting against election irregularities. Numerous first-hand witnesses have come forward to testify how much manipulation went into the 2020 presidential race. Andrea, a poll challenger from Janesville, Wisconsin, says that election officials from the state failed to get outdated voter registrations removed, an act that is in direct violation of state law. 

“I received three requests in the mail that I fill out for an application to get an absentee ballot. I always vote in person… And so I really could have voted three times for my dead mother who is still on the rolls, [and] my dead brother who is still on the rolls, because they refuse to clean up the rolls … hundreds of thousands of names of people that are dead, or have not lived here for years,” Andrea said to NTD.

Michael Franks, another poll challenger from Wisconsin, also saw unusual activities during the recount process. He revealed that every single absentee ballot he came across while reviewing at Edgerton, Ward 7, turned out to be invalid according to Wisconsin state law, because they were not accompanied by applications. In Wisconsin, residents had to apply for absentee ballots; they could not be sent out unsolicited. Franks also saw ballots that were never folded. That really surprised him, since clerks usually fold the ballots. He believes that there is no way that those ballots were processed without getting folded. 

At the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, committee Chairman Ron Tusler noted that his office had received more than half a million messages from the citizens of the state, indicating that they did not trust the results of the election. Radio talk show host Dan O’Donnell recounted the confession of a disability service coordinator who told him that third parties had pressured around two dozen of her clients to vote for Biden. He also brought attention to the fact that the counties of Dane and Milwaukee broke state laws by potentially allowing almost 46,000 voters to cast votes without having to show any ID.

At another hearing, a witness named Ethan Pease, who worked for the USPS, revealed that almost 100,000 mail-in ballots were likely postdated by his post office. When he asked another employee whether he would get in trouble, the employee simply told him that there would be no trouble as long as the ballots were postmarked for Nov. 3. Pease did not bring the matter to his superior, due to their hostility toward Trump. Some of his fellow employees joked about throwing ballots in favor of Trump into the trash.

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