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Ron Johnson: States Must Take Initiative to Investigate Election Irregularities

Published: January 9, 2021
On Jan. 6, the joint session of Congress certified Joe Biden as the president-elect.
Ron Johnson has asked states to investigate election irregularities. (Image: wikimedia commons / CC0 1.0)

On Jan. 6, the joint session of Congress certified Joe Biden as the president-elect. However, Republican Senator Ron Johnson demanded that each state must investigate election irregularities; they must establish controls so that citizens can trust the election process. He stressed that states should take the lead, not the federal government.

The senator emphasized that Americans who have lost confidence in the election should not be looked at as conspiracy theorists. 

“They are patriots who dearly love America and are alarmed by what they have witnessed over the last four years: a thoroughly corrupt FBI investigation of a duly elected president; a grossly biased media that has chosen sides and uses its power to interfere in our politics to a far greater extent than any foreign entity could ever hope to achieve; an increasingly powerful social media that censors news and conservative voices; and courts and election officials that usurp the constitutional authority of state legislatures in setting the times, places, and manner of holding elections,” he said in a statement.

Johnson said that millions of Americans have allegedly seen signs of wide-scale election corruption: they saw the CCP virus as a way to justify using large-scale mail-in ballots; dead people voted; many people voted twice; poll watchers were prevented from their duty observing the vote-counting process, and election officials refused to properly investigate fraud

People’s doubts in the election system need to be alleviated 

Like Johnson, many lawmakers have proposed a thorough investigation into the election irregularities, which Democrats continue to ignore.

Senator James Lankford said that millions of Americans who have doubts about the legality of the 2020 presidential election are being told to “sit down and shut up.” On the Senate floor, he reminded senators that the opinions of these Americans matter. They must not be dismissed as if they have no value. Silencing these voices is a “constitutional crisis.”

One major aspect of election fraud has been foreign interference, especially by communist China. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe confirmed that Beijing did interfere in the 2020 election. Several reports have suggested that communist China wanted Trump out of office. 

Patrick Byrne believes that the CCP virus was part of a psychological operation against the US. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Tech billionaire Patrick Byrne said that the CCP conducted a psychological operation on Americans. Firstly, the CCP virus demoralized people. Next, Anifa and BLM riots disoriented them. Finally, the election fraud triggered a political crisis.

Byrne believes that the aim of foreign interference and fraudulent activity in the election was to trigger a slow coup. He said that Venezuela and Greece had succumbed to such tactics

“I see why other nations have fallen for it. They’ve created this kooky insane world where you can’t even find your way out of it. And I understand why other nations at the end of the day gave up. But Americans will never accept a rigged election… It’s the most fundamental concept of our tradition, is the consent of the governed, as determined by elections that are free, fair, and transparent… If we give ground on that, it’s all gone,” he said in a speech.

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