Antifa, BLM Protesters March in DC, Chant ‘Burn It Down’

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People from Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups recently held a protest march through Washington D.C, with one video showing protesters chanting “If we don’t get it, burn it down” while walking through a residential neighborhood.

People from Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups recently held a protest march through Washington, D.C, with one video showing protesters chanting: “If we don’t get it, burn it down!” While walking through a residential neighborhood, the group was heard reciting: “Burn it down… we are here tonight because black lives matter. Despite black lives mattering, black people are still dying at the hands of the police paid for by our tax dollars…”

Another video footage shows protestors fighting police officers who kept them away from causing damage to nearby restaurants. The protesters harassed officers using blinding strobe lights and incessant chants. At one point, the police formed a barricade to protect the outdoor diners from the violent protesters

Some protesters held the black and red Antifa flag, clad in black clothes. According to Fox News, the protests were carried under the banner of “DC Queer and Trans Black History March and Rally” by the Palm Collective and Total Liberation Collective. Whether any arrests were made is not yet known.

During Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, similar protests were staged by Antifa and BLM groups in the Pacific Northwest, damaging property and fighting with the police. The protesters had also attacked an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Portland. 

Such protests had been a common occurrence in the U.S. ever since George Floyd’s death in May last year. Some experts have pointed out that the continuous agitations might indicate that deep schisms are forming within the American leftist establishment, with the BLM and Antifa groups resorting to even more violent tactics.

BLM and Antifa: we are here to stay

Andy Ngo, the author of Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, warned that Antifa would not just fade away as many people expect just because Trump is no longer the president. Opposing Donald Trump was only a pretext for these groups to carry out attacks and homicides. 

BLM and Antifa are not not going to fade away under the Trump administration. (Image: Getty Images)

Now that Trump is gone, Antifa claims that it is opposing America itself, since the United States follows “fascist systems” linked to racism and White supremacy. He dismisses the idea of Antifa having deep ties with the Democratic Party, noting that the two only formed a temporary alliance to get rid of Trump.

Ngo also criticizes mainstream media for failing to expose the violent ideology of Antifa correctly, thereby increasing the number of sympathizers. “It sounds very noble, and it makes people want to get on board with that because that sounds entirely reasonable… But then, as I write in my book, you dive into the ideology of Antifa. And you look at the literature, you look at the thinkers that they look up to, the texts that form the basis of tenants of their ideology. You see very clearly that these are anarchists, communists,” he told The Epoch Times.

Meanwhile, BLM activists are pushing their ideologies into the school system. Some government schools are now teaching material that encourages young kids to affirm transgender and queer identities while brainwashing them to believe that the mother and father’s traditional family system should be overturned. 

Teachers tell children how problematic the binary notions of gender are. Instead, children are taught that they are “gender-expansive or transgender.” Teachers even twist words to support BLM ideologies. For instance, the term “ally” usually means a friend or support. But in BLM material, an “ally” is defined as someone who tries to end discrimination and prejudice, with BLM defining what biases and prejudices are. 

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