Stray Dog Sets Sights on Stuffed Unicorn, Animal Control Officers Buy it for him

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Young stray is rewarded for his determination in pursuit of a purple plushy. (Image: Courtesy of Mary Shannon Johnstone via Duplin County Animal Services)

It was love at first sight and simply a “must have” for a young golden Labrador mix stray who had his heart set on a large stuffed purple unicorn  showcased in the Dollar General Store of Duplin County, North Carolina. The stray had allegedly tried his luck five times to “abduct” the soft toy from the local store. 

According to reports by The Charlotte Observer, Joe Newburn, Duplin County’s Animal Services Department Head said, “The store called and said they had a stray dog in the parking lot that kept coming into the store.” 

Before they locked the doors, the dog had entered the business five times. He’d gone through the entire store looking for the unicorn.

Samantha Lane, an animal control officer, was dispatched to investigate and discovered the 1-year-old dog still loitering in the parking lot, appearing as though he was simply waiting for another chance to see his beloved unicorn.

Officer Lane understood exactly what she had to do at that point. She withdrew $10 from her handbag and purchased the plush toy. She took the stray, who came along voluntarily, and his new purple friend to her car, where they were taken into safe custody and sent to the county animal shelter in Kenansville.

The shelter shared the dog’s protective devotion for the toy unicorn on Facebook, which has captured the hearts of many with numerous likes and comments from individuals who have been touched by the lovely narrative.

The loving pup was called Sisu, inspired by the Disney film “Raya and the Last Dragon,” to reflect his courageous and cheerful nature. Sisu in Finnish implies “willpower,” “determination,” “perseverance,” and “acting intelligently in the face of hardship.”

A photo of Sisu and his purple friend shared by the shelter said, “This is what happens when you break into the Dollar General consistently to steal the purple unicorn … but then get Animal Control called to lock you up for your B&E and larceny.” (Image: Courtesy of Mary Shannon Johnstone via Duplin County Animal Services)

The post was shared over 22,000 times, garnering many adopting inquiries.

The perfect adoptive home appears to have arrived, and Sisu will depart  from the shelter with his purple plush.

Before going, Lab Rescue LRCP (Laboratory Animal Research & Care) did something extra for Sisu that focused on the integration of canines.

Newburn took the pair to visit the employees at the store. They were well received, and Sisu’s affinity for unicorns inspired the store to donate boxes of pet food to the local animal shelter all for the love of Sisu and his plushy purple friend. This happy ending for all demonstrates that dreams do sometimes come true!