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3rd Sinovac COVID-19 Vaccine Appears to be Fatal for Young Chinese Worker

Victor Westerkamp
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Published: December 6, 2021
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A China-made COVID-19 vaccine booster shot seemed fatal for 24-year-old Chinese technician Cheng who worked for the Foxconn Group- Zhejiang Jiashan Science and Technology Park after receiving it on Nov. 11, 2021. (Photo provided by Cheng's family)

A China-made Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine appears to have been fatal for a 24-year-old worker for the Foxconn Group in China after receiving his booster shot on Nov. 11, 2021.

In September of last year, the Young man, Cheng, had graduated from Hunan Shaoyang University and started working at the Foxconn Group in Jiashan County in Zhejiang Province in China.

Cheng received his first two shots earlier this year following a vaccination program by his employer. He didn’t feel any adverse reactions following his first two injections with the Sinovac vaccine. However, a few days after receiving the third shot, his booster shot, he started to feel extremely unwell.

On Nov. 14, he told his colleague, “Don’t go to get the booster shot. I feel very uncomfortable and tired after the shot,” a relative of Cheng told The Epoch Times.

“On Nov. 15, he told his friends that after he was vaccinated, he was ‘so tired and so uncomfortable,'” the relative said the outlet, adding, “On Nov. 16, he searched a lot of reports about adverse vaccine reactions on Baidu, China’s domestic search engine, and the search record was left in his mobile phone.”

Cheng’s last day of life

A roommate of Cheng’s recalled, “On the 19th, he didn’t change much from the previous few days. He kept saying that he was sick. After the takeaway dinner, I chatted with him a few words. He said that he was sick recently because of the vaccine. But there was nothing unusual in the chat, and then I went to work without a few words.”

Funeral workers are seen standing in front of rows of graves from deaths associated with Covid-19 at a special cemetery in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 24, 2021. Countries that have relied on the Chinese Communist Party’s vaccine diplomacy offerings are still suffering major case counts. (Image: Fazjri Abdillah/Riau Images/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

“On the 19th, I went to the night shift, and then I came back in the morning on the 20th and found him like this,” he said. “Lying in bed, he didn’t move,” Cheng’s friend told the Chinese Epoch Times. 

“I touched his breast and found that he was no longer breathing. I called 120. Emergency personnel came to the hospital for emergency treatment — it seemed to be useless at the time.”

Cause of death

“The doctor didn’t know the cause of death. The doctor inferred that he died at one or two in the morning on the 20th,” the relative told the outlet. “When we rushed over, the person was no longer there.” 

The relative continued, “The hospital officials said that they didn’t dare to say that there was a problem with his vaccination,” he said regarding the cause of Cheng’s death. 

“The police said it’s not a criminal case, so they won’t investigate. The people of the HR department at Foxconn came and took a look but didn’t say anything.”

According to Cheng’s colleagues and classmates, Cheng had been worn out, exhausted, and suffered headaches and pain in the chest before his passing. Otherwise, Cheng was always healthy, very fit, and free of illnesses.

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The relative said Cheng’s body was placed in the Jiashan funeral home. The family then pushed for an autopsy, the relative said, but the police said they would have to apply for it and pay for it themselves, which would amount to a large sum of money for the post-mortem investigation. 

It was unaffordable for the family. “Where do we go to raise this money?” the relative lamented, adding, “We can’t even eat and live. We live in a hotel. The factory doesn’t care about it.”