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Here’s What Got MRNA Inventor Robert Malone Banned From Twitter

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: December 31, 2021
Robert Malone, one of the inventors of Messenger RNA technology, was banned from Twitter after posting a presentation by a Canadian non-profit that criticized Pfizer's clinical trial structure and data manipulation on his Substack.
Inventor of messenger RNA technology, Robert Malone, during an interview with Jan Jekilek on The Epoch Times American Thought Leaders. Malone was permanently banned from Twitter for “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19,” most likely after sharing a presentation by a Canadian non-profit that criticized Pfizer’s clinical trial data. (Image: Screenshot)

Robert Malone, one of the main contributors to the development of the messenger RNA technology used in today’s novel, gene therapy, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) injections was permanently banned by Twitter on Dec. 29 after months of criticism of the way the vaccines were tested, approved, rolled out, and adverse reactions have been suppressed finally caught up with him. 

Several news outlets, such as Breitbart, received comment from a Twitter spokesperson that Malone’s account “was permanently suspended for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy.”

The Epoch Times reported that Malone provided the outlet with a screenshot of text from Twitter that stated he was banned “specifically, for: Violating our policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.” 

The text added, “You may not use Twitter’s services to share false or misleading information about COVID-19 which may lead to harm.”

Malone also said he “received no warning prior to the banning.”

Although it is currently unclear what Malone posted to draw the ire of Twitter’s new censorship-centric CEO and team, or if he was merely banned for his previous opinions, the most recent post on Malone’s Substack before he spoke out about his blacklisting occurred the same day, and is something that would most certainly invite cancel culture

The post’s title quoted FDA Advisory Panel member David Rubin, who stated “We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.”

Malone added the comment, “So, let’s look at the evidence.”

The full quote from Rubin, who made the comments during an Oct. 29 rubber stamp session of the FDA’s 18-person Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee who voted 17-1 in favor of approving Pfizer injections for kids aged 5 to 11, stated, “That’s just the way it goes. That’s how we found out about rare complications of other vaccines like the rotavirus vaccine. And I do think we should vote to approve it.”

In the post, Malone shared what he described as “an amazing video” from the Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA), a non-profit that describes itself as composed of “over 500 independent Canadian doctors, scientists, and health care practitioners,” titled The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19 – More Harm Than Good.

The CCCA, which also provided a 51-slide Powerpoint presentation of the content of the video, which Malone describes as “extremely detailed and shockingly direct,” took aim at what it regards as significant scientific shortcomings in the clinical trials Pfizer-BioNTech used in the development of their BNT162b injection. 

Specifically, the CCCA stated that in Pfizer’s original Dec. 31, 2020 Clinical Trial Report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, “The claim was that the inoculations were safe and showed 95% efficacy 7 days after the 2nd dose. But that 95% was actually Relative Risk Reduction. Absolute Risk Reduction was only 0.84%.”

In an Oct. 27 video, the CCCA explained how Pfizer manipulated its data to make their claim by contrasting the 8 out of 18,198 individuals who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 in the vaccinated control group against the 162 out of 18,325 who tested positive in the unvaccinated control group. 

The presentation took issue with the approach because even with a 95 percent difference between the number of positive tests in the two groups, that the ratio of positives in the unvaccinated control group was still only 0.88 percent, and when compared against the 0.04 percent in the vaccinated, absolute risk reduction is only 0.84 percent.

The CCCA also explained that after Pfizer published their paper, which contained only two months of data, their clinical trials were quickly unblinded when the control group was given the option to accept vaccination in early 2021, undermining the scientific method needed to produce a valuable randomized control trial.

The presentation further noted that Pfizer’s own clinical trial data showed a 300 percent increase in Related Adverse Events (defined as investigated and related to the BNT162b2 injection) between the vaccinated group and the control group, a 75 percent increase in severe adverse events (defined as interfering significantly in normal function), and a 10 percent increase in adverse reactions involving ER or hospitalization compared to the blinded control group.

Increase Risk of Illness citing data from Pfizer’s clinical trial documentation.
Increase Risk of Illness citing data from Pfizer’s clinical trial documentation. (Image: Canadian COVID Care Alliance Powerpoint Presentation)

The presentation also took aim at “the persistent claim that the COVID-19 inoculation products do not need to be tested, because mRNA technology has already undergone testing.”

Pfizer’s clinical trial/roll out schema compared to normal, and even accelerated, vaccine development.
Pfizer’s clinical trial/roll out schema compared to normal, and even accelerated, vaccine development. (Image: Canadian COVID Care Alliance Powerpoint Presentation)

It explained, “mRNA technology is the delivery mechanism, not the inoculation. That’s like saying that since we’ve used syringes safely before, anything injected via syringe is safe. (And in fact, there are still a lot of unknowns about the effects of the mRNA delivery mechanism).”

The presentation stated that while normal vaccine development requires ten years, but can sometimes be done in as little as five, the process nonetheless requires lengthy stages of in vitro and animal modeling before extensive and long term multi-stage human trials even begin.

However, for Pfizer, animal testing was skipped, phases 2 and 3 were combined, the trials were unblinded, and while global distribution occurs under an Emergency Use Authorization, phase 3 trials are scheduled to persist far into the future until 2023.

This truncated development path timeline was less than a year.

The CCCA also noted that although people aged 75+ are by far the most at risk of death from COVID-19, trials, which included more than 36,000 individuals, only contained 1,616 participants from the age bracket.

The video and presentation also contains further information on missing data, testing failures, clinical endpoints, and the 12-15 year old adolescent trials and the subsequent coverup of the severe life-changing adverse reaction suffered by Maddie de Garay.

Malone’s Substack post also referenced the alarming trend of otherwise healthy athletes in Europe suddenly suffering from heart attacks, cardiac arrest, and myocarditis and pericarditis, stating that he has “70 direct reports of young athletes dying after vaccination from around the world.”

“I am still trying to verify and correlate that data. Not to mention other deaths of young men, such as Ernesto Ramirez, Jr.,” he said. “Then there are the reports of the deaths from the British database. There are also the deaths of children listed in the VAERS database that the USG has yet to investigate and report on, but others have. This is all to be shared later.”

In a post announcing being muzzled and censored by Twitter, Malone asked readers to follow him on his Substack, Gab, GETTR, or LinkedIn accounts, noting that his Telegram account is “is run by a someone else – it is not my own account…They have done a good job auto-posting from twitter and I have personally thanked the person who does this.”

Malone concluded, “In the meantime, I am not going away – in fact, every door closed is another open.”