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Baby Elephant Attacks His Grandmother’s Fruit Cake in an Elephant Sanctuary

Published: February 28, 2022
Haven is just too adorable
Haven is just too adorable. (Image: Samui Elephant Haven)

Sprinting with full speed, with ears flapping adorably, a baby elephant crashes on a cake that was meant for his grandmother. This entertaining incident happened in a sanctuary called Samui Elephant Havens, at Koh Samui Island in Thailand.

(Image: Samui Elephant Haven)

The video became viral almost immediately, with over 38,000 views on Instagram while on Twitter, the video has been seen approximately four million times. It was posted last year October by the representative of the Elephant Sanctuary on their Instagram page ‘@samuielephanthaven’ with a caption, “Grandma! Please stop him!”

Before going on about the baby elephant, we should introduce the grandmother. Sri Nin, at 70-years-old, is the oldest elephant in this sanctuary. This aged elephant had worked twenty years in the logging industry, transporting large teak wood trunks and logs. After the government of Thailand outlawed this practice in 1989, Sri Nin was in a riding camp; until she was rescued and found her forever home in Samui Elephant Havens.

(Image: @samuielephanthaven)

Sri Nin had a rough life, to begin with, as her tail was bitten off by another elephant when she was a baby. She is also blind in one eye. In her old age, she moves very slowly and is described as a quiet elephant. She can no longer tolerate hard foods like raw pumpkin and prefers to consume cooked rice and boiled pumpkin instead. 

Two-year-old Haven, on the other hand, is the first calf born at the sanctuary. The caretakers say that he is a polite and friendly baby elephant but sometimes naughty because of his young age. He also loves to eat watermelons.

Watch Haven is just too adorable video

(Image: @samuielephanthaven)

Watch the Happy Birthday Haven video

The sanctuary offers a service whereby visitors and supporters can donate a cake as a gift for the sanctuary’s resident elephant(s) of their choosing, in exchange for video footage of the cake delivery. This time Sri Nin got a personalized cake decorated with two names and a figure holding a soccer ball. Slices of watermelons are placed around the cake like flower petals to make it look like a giant flower. The cake is made entirely out of rice, pumpkin, and fruit.

(Image: @samuielephanthaven)
(Image: @samuielephanthaven)

In the hilarious video, we can see the grandmother slowly plodding towards the cake while the energetic Haven races to the spot. At first, Haven simply inspects the cake with his grandma. The trouble begins when he crosses under her trunk and slips on the cake. As if it was the cake’s fault, he backs away and smashes his face on the cake with both his front feet on the ground and his cute rump in the air.

Meanwhile, Sri Nin patiently inspects and smells the cake. She starts to eat and pays little attention to Haven, who attacks the cake in every way possible before finally taking a slice of watermelon to eat.

(Image: @samuielephanthaven)

The fun does not stop there. Haven rocks back and forth as if thinking whether or not he should attack the cake again. Eventually, he moves to block his grandma and sits right down on the cake. With his lower body and trunk smeared with food, our cheeky boy struggles to free his trunk, which got stuck in between his legs. 

(Image: @samuielephanthaven)

When he finally manages to get up, he nonchalantly takes another watermelon slice into his mouth as if nothing has happened. All the while, Sri Nin was calmly eating her treat. 

(Image: @samuielephanthaven)

The staffers had assumed Haven would enjoy the cake with his grandma but never guessed he would demolish the cake in such a way. The representative staff told The Epoch Times, “It’s okay, because baby elephants are naughty and we can’t control them. Finally, we knew that grandma would eat all of the cake!” 

The Staffers are relieved that the comical video of Haven and Sri Nin has gone over so well since it helps to increase their exposure. They were happy that so many people love the video and have uploaded and enquired about it.

The Samui Elephant Havens was founded in 2018 by animal-lover Maew Suriya. The sanctuary has saved 14 elephants from Thailand’s tourist-trekking industry. 

(Image: Samui Elephant Haven)

Thanks to Samui Elephant Haven and other sanctuaries around the world for providing forever homes for abused, neglected, and lost animals.