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Fairytale Photos of Captivating Blue-eyed Beauty of a Beast

Published: April 13, 2022
(Courtesy of Kristina Makeeva)
(Courtesy of Kristina Makeeva)

It’s not every day you see a majestic white horse, let alone have the opportunity for a photoshoot. One lucky Russian photographer was in the right place at the right time, however, when she came across a stunning white horse in a field of blooming lupine. 

The combination of a white braided mane, sparkling blue eyes, and the white horse’s diminutive size against a sea of purple flowers resulted in photos that were other-worldly. Her magnificent Disney-esque footage has since garnered tens of thousands of fans on social media. 

(Courtesy of Kristina Makeeva)

Kristina Makeeva, the talented photographer who captured these incredible photos, met the dwarf tinker “Hidalgo” in her home city of Moscow during the early days of summer in 2020. From the moment the “blue-eyed, handsome” horse appeared, Kristina was enchanted.

“We filmed fields of flowering agricultural lupins and later invited Hidalgo to join us,” Kristina told The Epoch Times.

“These lupins were bred in the Soviet Union to feed livestock, so they are not poisonous, as many believe, and the horse eats them with pleasure. Horses themselves will not eat what is poisonous for them,” she added.

(Courtesy of Kristina Makeeva)

The fruits of Kristina’s labor were a magical photo and video series that she shared on Instagram, in which Hidalgo’s braided white mane, piebald coat, and blue eyes are a fantasy fit with the purple lupin around him. Attention to detail and the magnificent setting were key in producing these amazing photos.

Kristina, however, did not stop there. Inspired by the fanciful imagery, she also took photos with a ballerina standing on pointe beside Hidalgo, like something straight out of a Disney movie. 

(Courtesy of Kristina Makeeva)

In a time where filters and editing are widely used to make photos attractive, Kristina believes photos need to be honest and refrains from using editing software. She says she only used color correction during the editing process as she wants the photos to be as realistic as possible.  

“I always need to embellish reality,” she explained. “I studied as a graphic designer; it strongly influenced my work. Designers always create their world out of nothing.”

When she is not taking photos of extraordinary scenes and moments in nature, Kristina enjoys walking around the city of Moscow to relish its many “pearls of architecture,” the lanterns, festive illumination, and bright white snowflakes that give the city its winter wonderland appeal. She sees Moscow as a tourist, looking with new eyes every time. 

Kristina recalled picking up her first camera when she was 16 years old. It was a Panasonic video camera with a photo resolution of 640 by 480 pixels in JPG format. With a camera in her hands, she began traveling to widen her horizons and gain inspiration.

(Courtesy of Kristina Makeeva)

“Traveling opens up a new world for us, expands our consciousness, inspires, and makes us tolerant,” she said. “All this greatly influenced my work.”

It’s rare to see a blue-eyed white horse anywhere in the world. Hidalgo’s photos have not only impressed many but even moved some to tears. By sharing these marvelous photos, Kristina shows that there is still extraordinary beauty in the world, and her fans on social media are raving about it. 

To see more of Kristina’s photos of Hidalgo and much more, be sure to check out her Instagram handle @hobopeeba