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Communist Flags Fly at Montreal ‘Workers Day’ Protest, US Flag Burned, Windows Smashed, Buildings Graffitied

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: May 3, 2022
Montreal Communist Party of Canada members wielding the Hammer and Sickle burned a US Flag during the May 1 protests.
A United States Flag was burned during Montreal’s May 1 “May Day” so-called “anti-capitalist” protest. The Communist Party of Canada’s Flag and the Hammer and Sickle flew as participants smashed windows, vandalized cars, and spray painted buildings as police deployed tear gas in response. (Image: Twitter screenshot)

The Hammer and Sickle Flag, the symbol of the Communist Party and communist ideology, was flown at an annual May 1 International Workers Day protest in Montreal where buildings were grafitted and businesses suffered broken windows. 

Additionally, the Communist Party of Canada also turned out in force with their flags in tow to participate in the event. 

Montreal Police deployed tear gas to quash the unrest.

The event is colloquially referred to as “May Day,” and appears to be organized by the Montreal chapter of Convergence des Luttes Anticapitalistes (CLAC), based on a statement posted on the group’s website taking responsibility. 

“On May 1, 2022, following the call of the Anti-capitalist Convergence (CLAC), more than half a thousand people took to the streets for Workers’ Day,” reads a Google translation of the French-language post.


CLAC declared the theme for this year’s event “Colonial and ecocidal, capitalism is war!”

The article used further extreme verbiage to decry Montreal Police, who they claimed utilized “rottenness” in order to “repress, beat and prevent activists from expressing their hatred towards a colonial system leading us straight towards the ecological precipice.”

A tweet from the official Communist Party of Canada account stated “Militant May Day greetings from Montreal and Toronto!” while posting two pictures, the French language of which showed participants raising the communist fist, carrying Communist Party of Canada flags, and with some adorned in Marxist-Leninist propaganda.

An additional post by a self-identified Marxist-Leninist showed multiple participants carrying Hammer and Sickle Flags.

Photographs published to Twitter highlighting the “aftermath” of the protest showed downtown windows smashed and with a red Hammer and Sickle logo spray painted.

In another video, young participants in the event burned the United States Flag.

Another video captured footage of a large cluster of anarchist-style participants doned in black with faces cloaked by black balaclavas openly smashing windows. 

After the photographer captured the scene, they were accosted by the group. 

Canada’s federally funded establishment media conglomerates primarily painted the event as a peaceful one where workers sought better pay and working conditions, ignoring the presence of the Communist Party’s banner. 

State messaging outlet Canadian Broadcasting Corporation described the event as having a heavy participation by local unions, “Participants gathered in Cabot Square in downtown Montreal under sunny skies, many waving their union flags.”

Meanwhile, the Montreal Gazette, a branch of the Postmedia conglomerate, simply published a wire piece by The Canadian Press that characterized the event as a group of workers protesting that Quebec’s $14.25 hourly minimum wage is not high enough.

The wire characterized the event as “organized by a coalition of about 15 unions and organizations.”

May 1 also marked the day that a January announcement by the Provincial Government that the minimum wage would be increased from $13.50 per hour came into effect.

CTV Canada, a television station owned by telecom giant Bell Media, likewise merely republished The Canadian Press’s wire release.

Both the lack of coverage and the lack of befitting coverage is a sore spot for many Canadians who supported the Freedom Convoy trucker occupation protests when during the early stages of the protest an individual carrying a Nazi Flag was photographed among the crowd.

The footage was widely used by the establishment media to denigrate and dehumanize the protests as being composed of extremists. 

Independent investigation by True North Canada offering a bounty as high as $6,000 gathered enough information to ascertain it was unlikely that the flag carrier was a bona fide protest participant, however.

Additionally, during the week before the Trudeau Government took the unprecedented step of invoking the Emergencies Act to crackdown on the protest, a “counter protest” organized by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) descended on Convoy participants. 

During the counter protest, participants were also seen carrying the Hammer and Sickle Flag, a detail that went unreported by establishment media, who instead characterized the event as one organically organized by Ottawa residents fed up with the noise.

PSAC is the union that represents many Canadian Government employees, including those who work for casinos, universities, airports, the security sector, and the RCMP’s civilian staff.