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The Internet Hivemind Wants ‘Zero Monkeypox’ Policy Installed

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: May 28, 2022
The Twitter hivemind wants Zero Monkeypox mandates to be installed. The disease has 450 confirmed cases worldwide.
A modern art exhibition that comments on workspaces emptied by pandemic restrictions on March 30, 2022 in Milan, Italy. The Internet hivemind, not yet bored with emulating the CCP’s disastrous social management policies, is already clamoring for governments to install “Zero Monkeypox” mandates. (Image: Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images)

News Analysis

The Internet hivemind is already calling for Shanghai-style draconian “Zero Monkeypox” policies to be installed. Currently, there are approximately 450 confirmed cases reported globally across 26 countries. 

Unfortunately, the swarm’s rhetoric does not appear to be led by an army of pseudonyms and bots. Instead, many health professionals are leading the charge.

Professional flag bearers

For example, on May 23, Isabella Eckerle, a professor at the Geneva Centre for Emerging Viral Diseases whose Twitter profile is headed by a photo of bats, tweeted, “#zeromonkeypox, please! I don’t want having to deal with weird DNA viruses, not professionally & definitely not privately – On a more serious note: We really do not need another new virus entering the human population for good. Really not.”


It is notable that although Eckerle’s commentary received some popularity, 2,547 likes and 489 retweets, the notion is perhaps not so popular in light of her 89,700+ followers.

Eckerle proved that she can’t stop, won’t stop, however.

During a follow up on May 26, she added, “I hope I’m wrong but current #monkeypox situation has strong January 2020 vibes…best case scenarios continuously repeated while the virus keeps spreading.”

On May 28, Eckerle tweeted further, perhaps with some wisdom, that she believes monkeypox cases should be quarantined in formal facilities, “I still believe the best way to isolate #monkeypox cases would be in the hospital, not at home.” 

She added, “I know it’s not in most recommendations, but it’s the best way to stop any further spread, to other humans, animals or the environment. This virus should not become endemic here.”

Eckerle isn’t the only medical professional championing the cause. On May 20, Neil Stone, a UK doctor associated with the BRITMIC, told his 35,700 followers, “Wouldn’t it be lovely to have #ZeroMonkeyPox everywhere, and not just in Europe and North America.”

The statement received 2 retweets and 26 likes.

Tom Wenseleers, a biologist and professor at Belgium’s KU Leuven university, claimed that there is “Big international consensus” that Zero Monkeypox policies in non-endemic countries is “possible and desirable” in a May 24 tweet.

“Containment should be much easier than for Covid, with near-zero pre/asymptomic transmission & clear symptoms. But the window of opportunity is now. Let’s make it happen!” he added.

A cacophonous buzzing

But it also isn’t that there aren’t bots and spam accounts fanning the flames as well.

One troll account titled “Monkeypox Zero” with the handle @zeromonkeypox and a creation date of April of 2022 replied to a tweet from a popular podcaster complaining of a cold on May 22 stating, “Please #maskupformonkeypox and spread the word about how to stay safe.”

In an additional post replying to a thread from an Irish news site about a conflict at an airport, the puppet quipped, “As 15%of Travellers will die from #monkeypox (according to the Who) it’s time to lock them down to keep them safe. [sic]”

Another astroturf account calling itself “Infectious Disease Epidemiology” with a join date of February of 2021 and self-described as “working against misinformation and disinformation,” likewise chriped, “#zeromonkeypox, now, absolutely no desire to learn to live with monkeypox, thanks.”

Left hand on the scales

But additionally, the far-left socialist faction is also onboard with Shanghai-style government intervention.

Andy Niklaus, a writer for the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS), likewise threw his hat into the ring when replying to a graph lauding the manufactured data issued by the Chinese Communist Party as the regime attempts to declare its policies a victory. 

“#ZeroCOVID works also #ZeroMonkeypox,” Niklaus stated.

Esther Kim, whose Twitter bio cites their lone achievement as having contributed to a 2011 New York Times infographic on the topic of a conflict in Libya, joined the party, “Imagine NYC rats sick w #monkeypox #endemic must strive for #ZeroMonkeypox.”

Tom Carter, another writer for the WSWS, muddied the waters even further as he sardonically attempted to draw a dubious comparison to how governments outside of communist countries such as China and Vietnam approached the Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic.

“So what we should do is infect as many adults and children with #MonkeypoxVirus as possible. That way, we can achieve ‘herd immunity.’ Most people will only have a ‘mild” case,’ he tweeted on May 19.

‘Zero’ realities

So what are the realities of the “Zero” policies for citizens? Actually, this has already been demonstrated clearly in the well known recent cases demonstrated by the Chinese Communist Party in Shanghai, a city larger than most countries, keeping more than 20 million people on nearly indefinite and total lockdown.

But the phenomenon is not limited to the Communist Party’s official flag-bearing lands.

Perhaps the most prominent instances were seen in Australia last year as some areas not only suffered hundreds of days of lockdown, but federally mandated and utilized quarantine camps were built as contact traces of positive PCR tests were forcibly sequestered in a trailer for two weeks at a time.

But most concerningly is the case of the whole world’s response to COVID-19, documented extensively by Michael P. Senger, an attorney and author of the book Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World and co-author of a January of 2021 open letter to western intelligence and law enforcement agencies

The letter extensively chronicled how media and government carefully emulated the CCP’s self-proclaimed successful approach to handling Wuhan in the earlier days of the pandemic.

The document, featuring no less than 255 citations, concluded, “Given the gravity of the decisions being made, we cannot ignore the possibility that the entire ‘science’ of COVID-19 lockdowns has been a fraud of unprecedented proportion, deliberately promulgated by the Chinese Communist Party and its collaborators to impoverish the nations who implemented it.”

Senger was permanently banned by Twitter earlier in the year and has yet to be reinstated under the new forces of Elon Musk’s acquisition process.

For some reason

Fortunately, there are some voices of reason in handling the monkeypox outbreak.

Michael Mina, a former Harvard faculty member with 226,000 followers tweeted a thread on May 26 that ostensibly appeared at first glance to share a similar message to his more extreme peers, “Aggressive action to immediately contain Monkeypox – and NOT fall into the same remarkable traps we did in early 2020 is needed.”

But to the contrary, Mina focused instead on a need for better testing and diagnosis protocols than what the United States experienced at the beginning of COVID where everything had to be run centrally through the FDA and CDC.

“To facilitate timely diagnosis and reporting, we absolutely cannot limit testing to CDC, like we did in 2020, and Must NOT require every hospital lab to go through the FDA before testing their patient like we did in COVID. It would be disastrous,” he stated.

Mina soberly added, “I do not believe the risk of Monkeypox comes close to risk of COVID where public health is concerned.”

“But we have shown w COVID that ‘we’ can be remarkably stupid when attempting to respond to pandemics – bc of politics, inefficiencies, fear, etc – and people die as a result.”