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German Climate Extremists Block Road, Stop Rescuers From Saving Injured Cyclist. She Died.

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: November 4, 2022
A German woman is dead after being hit by a cement truck because climate extremists blockaded the highway, preventing rescue teams from attending the scene.
Police officers use a solvent to dissolve glue from the hands of climate extremists blockading a London road in April of 2019. Such blockades plague Europe to this day and have finally cost a German cyclist who was hit by a cement truck her life after rescue teams were prevented from attending the scene. (Image: TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

The consequences of Europe’s trendy climate extremism have escalated beyond the mere nuisance of janitorial staff having to clean tomato soup off the floor after attempted vandalism of modern art was foiled by a plastic barrier and to causing the death of a 44-year-old cyclist who was hit by a cement truck. 

The story was reported by Germany’s Bild tabloid on Oct. 31. A Google Translated version of the article states that specialized rescue teams attempted to save the woman after she was hit by a cement truck in Berlin, but were prevented from attending the scene in a timely manner after climate extremists had glued themselves to the A100 Bundesautobahn.

According to the article, Berlin traffic authorities had warned drivers of the blockade at the time on Twitter and that they should expect delays of at least 35 minutes.

Photos taken at the scene and displayed in the article show a badly mangled bicycle and a parked Mercedes cement truck.

The 64-year-old driver of the mixer was likewise hospitalized, not because of injuries from the crash, but because he was stabbed with a knife by a bystander after he exited his truck to attend to the woman.

The attacker was later arrested by police and now faces charges.

According to Bild, the extremists were bold enough to release a statement after the incident, which read, “The Last Generation cannot rule out that the rescue truck’s delay is due to a traffic jam caused by us.”

“The Last Generation” is evidently the name of the extremist group, whose aim is to organize to “sit and glue themselves to the streets and demand the first security measures to protect the population from the climate catastrophe,” according to a Nov. 3 notice on the group’s website.

Although the Bild article at the time only cited emergency responders as stating the woman was in “acute danger of death,” a Nov. 3 Press Release by the Berlin Police reveals that damage caused was of the most severe kind.

The brief missive explained that the cement truck had properly run over the woman after clipping her bicycle and that her injuries were so severe that she had been pronounced brain dead after spending several days in the hospital.

In Bild’s earlier article, a spokesperson for the Berlin Police Union, Benjamin Jendro, put the climate extremists on blast, “Now at the latest you should say goodbye to the fairy tale of harmless protest. Anyone who blocks traffic routes risks internal security and also consciously accepts that people in need have to wait longer for help from the police and fire brigade.”

“In these guerrilla actions in the name of climate, the current consequences for our democratic coexistence are not considered and carelessly played with the health of the population,” Jendro added, according to Google Translate.

Nov. 3 reporting by Der Spiegel noted that two participants in the protest may be made to bear responsibility for the death, “The police are therefore investigating two blockers, a 63-year-old and a 59-year-old, for failure to provide assistance or the disability of people providing assistance.”

The fatality may cause both the public and the government to begin to treat climate extremists with the same zeal as they do the so-called “white nationalists” and “far right.”

In October of 2021, founder the most notable extremist group Extremist Rebellion, Roger Hallam, dared to state that if his organization were blockading roadways while an ambulance with a dying patient was trying to make its way through that they would not move for the ambulance, reported The Sun.