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Radio Host Turfs School Board Trustee Doctor After Unhinged Pro-mask Rant

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: November 24, 2022
Nili Kaplan-Myrth was thrown out by Bill Carroll
A file photo of a smartphone and its earphones as a podcast is being played. Ottawa talk radio host Bill Carroll threw Ottawa school board trustee Nili Kaplan-Myrth off his show after she went on a tirade over mask mandates. (Image: THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images)

A doctor turned school board trustee found herself out in the cold after failing to conduct herself appropriately during an interview with an Ottawa talk radio host.

The debacle unfolded on The Morning Rush with Bill Carroll of Ottawa News Talk 580 CFRA after he invited Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Trustee Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth to tell his audience why she insists on bringing back mask mandates to combat the since jumped-the-shark Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).


While introducing the subject, Carroll made it clear that he was actually far from opposed to the idea, “I’ve said on TV and on this show, that I don’t know that I’m against mask mandates in schools. If there was anywhere that we’re going to do it, especially with the problem being RSV [respiratory syncytial virus] and not COVID right now, that maybe makes sense to me.”

In making his point, Carroll then quoted a Nov. 19 article from federally funded messaging outlet Canadian Broadcasting Corporation titled Why Mask Mandates May be Harder to Justify In Solving the Crisis In Children’s Hospitals

The article only somewhat ironically argued that because RSV — and not COVID — is prevalent at the moment, primarily circulating among children, mask mandates are undesirable because the PPE adversely affects the young’s psychological and emotional development.

The CBC quoted an infectious diseases pediatric specialist at the Montreal Sainte-Justine Children’s Hospital as stating, “We want children to be able to develop and sort of live a normal life as much as possible.”

During COVID-19 masking, lockdown, and vaccine passport hysteria, the psychological and mental well being of children who were forced to stay inside sometimes for months at a time, spend their time on Zoom, and be muzzled with a mask, was totally astroturfed by virtually every aspect of the establishment narrative.

“And I quote from them [CBC] because no one’s going to accuse them of being crazy right wing anti-maskers or any of those things,” Carroll said.

“The piece gives a pretty balanced view that masks are probably not the sole answer. They might play some role in it here, but maybe not as much as you think,” he added. 

Carrol continued, “And one of the main reasons for that is, that we’re dealing with RSV here, not COVID.”

The host made it clear that this wasn’t his opinion; In fact, it was based on a quote from Dr. Amesh Adalja from John Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore who told the CBC bluntly that mask mandates are not “going to have the same impact” during an RSV outbreak. 

Adalja added, “It’s not that it’s a zero impact, but would it be as impactful with RSV as it was for COVID? Probably not.”

Carroll then introduced Kaplan-Myrth in her professional capacity, noting that she both wants to bring back mask mandates to her district’s schools and that she has received significant hate mail as a result.

“[She’s] worried, in fact, that those nasty comments may persuade new Trustees to vote against mask mandates,” he stated during the introduction.

Kaplan-Myrth was then given the floor, which she immediately utilized to launch into a quick lipped half-tirade half-attack on Carroll.

“I have to start off right off the bat by correcting the misinformation that you just said. COVID is not gone. COVID is still very much here, as is influenza, as is RSV,” lectured the audibly incensed Trustee.

As Kaplan-Myrth continued to drone at Carroll for quoting the John Hopkins expert for allegedly downplaying COVID, the host attempted to clarify the issue.

But as soon as Carroll began talking, the Trustee began shouting, “Don’t interrupt me. Don’t interrupt me, thank you.”

And while the host tolerated the conduct the first time, when Kaplan-Myrth pushed her luck just a little bit further, she made a fool of only herself.

As she undertook a sideways rant attempting to claim it wasn’t that she just wanted to mask kids at her district, but that she wanted to do everything she could to “help to keep children out of hospitals,” Carroll let her finish the sentence, and then began to say, “Doctor. I’m talking about…” but couldn’t finish his phrase before Kaplan-Myrth became even more pushy and manic about being interrupted.

The host had enough. He immediately told his assistant, “Hang up on her. Just hang up on her.”

And that’s exactly what the show did.

Carroll addressed his audience, “Look. This is the kind of anger we don’t need right now. This is the kind of immaturity we don’t need right now.”

He explained that he’s spoken with other doctors on the show about this same topic and all are in consensus that COVID isn’t the problem at the moment, “It’s not what is filling up the ICUs. It’s just not.” he said.

“This is why she gets angry emails, and angry texts. That attitude. Accusing me of misinformation, goes on an angry rant, won’t even let me respond.”

The rejection didn’t stop Kaplan-Myrth from finding herself another talk radio show to soapbox her platform from.

Nov. 22 reporting by City News stated that on the Wake Up With Rob Snow talk radio show, the Trustee claimed that a lack of mandates actually leads to peer pressure and social discrimination, making people like herself who still mask everywhere they go victims of a misfortunate social justice.

She stated, “When you go out into an environment where you’re the only person who’s masking, then you are told, ‘well you don’t really need to mask, it’s not required you know’, then there is pressure.” 

And continued, “There is pressure that comes from whether or not everybody else around you is masked. When we say that masks are required again, then that takes away the pressure.”