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Multi-Award Winning Film ‘Silver Screen Dreams’ Premieres in London

Published: November 26, 2022
Actress Alyssa Zheng (3rd from right) poses with cast and production staff from 'Silver Screen Dreams' in Middletown, NY, on Oct. 2, 2022. (Image: Courtesy of New Century Films)

By Vision Times, UK Staff

The award winning film Silver Screen Dreams premiered in London at the Prince Charles Cinema, London on Saturday, Nov. 22. The film was produced by New Century Films, the filmmaking department of Aurora Films and Performing Arts, a registered charity in Canada. 

The film’s synopsis provides an insight into the challenges faced by actors in today’s society, where money is often more important than talent, and investors use their influence to call the shots.  

Through this film, we participate in the journey of A-lister Lin Mei Yue, played by Leah Fung, who acts her heart out to secure a treasured role in a film, only to be passed over by the director for a younger counterpart with a wealthy backer. 

Lead actresses Alyssa Zheng and Leah Feng are featured on the poster for “Silver Screen Dreams.” (Image: New Century Films)

In her distress, she flees the set and is involved in a car accident. Her career seemingly has come to an abrupt end, and she suffers terribly from the loss of her screen dream, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Through the values of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance, embodied in the book Zhuan Falun, gifted by a Chinese Medical Doctor, Lin Mei Yue can find peace, and a miracle occurs.  

The story about pain, healing, and forgiveness has many touching moments. It takes the audience along a parallel historical path that illustrates the devastation of Chinese traditional values and society during the Cultural Revolution. 

This is a gem of a film that includes a stunning dance compilation of traditional Chinese folk dances by Alyssa Zheng and a powerful performance of the theme song, The Voyage Home, sung by the film’s Director, David Li.

The film made an impression on Allen Windsor, who described his first Chinese film screening as: “Very touching,…it was very beautiful. It was different; it was not what I expected. And frankly speaking, [an] absolute pleasure to have witnessed it. I hope to come and see more movies like this. And I want a copy of that book.” 

Allen said he would take away “the human touch and the compassion that comes with being human, being a person. Having the forbearance, having the ability to see the human side of any interaction you have with anybody.”

Faisal Shaukat, an award-winning producer, host and presenter, related to the spiritual side of the film as a demonstration of faith. He said, “Somehow you leave a lot of things on faith, in the hands of God as you say, and you expect miracles to happen, so this also tells you that miracles do happen, and we should believe.”

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