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Former Assemblyman Colin Schmitt Sets Sights on Town Supervisor of New Windsor, NY

Alina Wang
A native of New York, Alina has a Bachelors degree in Corporate Communications from Baruch College and writes about human rights, politics, tech, and society.
Published: June 24, 2023
Former Republican Assemblyman Colin Schmitt is running for the role of Town Supervisor in New Windsor, NY. Schmitt has lived in Orange County for the past 12 years with his wife Nikki and dog Quincy. (Image: via Colin Schmitt)

NEW WINDSOR, Orange County, NY — A well-known name in the world of New York politics, former Assemblyman and Army National Guard Sergeant, Colin Schmitt, is now running for the role of Supervisor in the town he’s called home for the past 12 years. 

Known for his dedicated public service and transformative contributions to New York’s 99th Assembly District, Schmitt sat down with Vision Times in an exclusive interview to share his thoughts on why he believes his robust experience in the military, government, and private sectors make him a standout candidate for the position.

“A lot of local leaders, members of the community, and business owners reached out to me to ask if I’d be willing to step up and use my experience to help lead the town for the next two years,” said Schmitt, noting how some of his priorities, if elected, would be to lessen the burden on taxpayers and homeowners, bolster police efforts, and increase local business revenue. 

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Born on Staten Island and raised in Orange County, New York, Schmitt’s decision to run for Town Supervisor is an endeavor close to his heart. 

“I’ve lived here with my wife for the last 12 years with our dog, and we plan to raise our family here,” said Schmitt, highlighting how he’s carefully “looked at some of the issues that are happening in the town,” and knew he had the “experience and ability to make a positive impact.”

Bringing transformative change at the local level

When asked about what issues would be at the forefront should he be elected, Schmitt said one of the main priorities would be to enforce more transparent fiscal policies. “In the last three years, the town government has raised taxes by nearly 10 percent — and that’s unacceptable,” said Schmitt. “You’re pricing people out of this town.”

Colin Schmitt, who is seeking to represent New York’s 18th Congressional District following this November’s midterm elections, holds a press conference where he blasted the Biden Administrations monetary and other policies ahead of a visit by Biden to the Hudson Valley, on Oct. 6, 2022. (Image: screenshot via Facebook)

Passionate about bringing transformative change at the local level and protecting his community from sprawl and high-density development, Schmitt hopes to bring about transformative change at every level while working to revitalize the town and support taxpayers. 

“We need to focus on lowering taxes, enhancing public safety, and supporting our police and communities,” said Schmitt, noting how the New Windsor police department has seen massive budget cuts in recent years. “Our police department has been reduced by almost 26 percent in manpower size,” he said, adding, “Despite our population growing, the staffing has been reduced to just about 30 police officers.”

Other priorities involve bolstering local businesses, improving infrastructure, doubling down on illegal immigration, and increasing transparency in local government, said Schmitt. As the largest municipal government in Orange County, Schmitt’s vision for New Windsor is that of a thriving, economically-vibrant town where residents have a direct say in how their community is run, he shared. 

“We want to work with ICE and our police department to enforce immigration detainers. It’s important that we do that — and we will not tolerate illegal immigration here in New Windsor.”

If elected, he plans to achieve this through a mix of fiscal responsibility, proactive measures, and open dialogue with the constituents he hopes to represent. “We have a lot of empty storefronts and under-utilized commercial space that could mean jobs for our community, and tax revenue that could relieve the burden on homeowners,” said Schmitt.

He also highlighted the importance of standing up against infiltration threats from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). “The CCP is a great threat to our national security, as well as the safety and security of the world,” said Schmitt, adding, “We want to make sure we don’t support the outgrowth of the CCP and call on our state and federal leaders to protect New Yorkers and Americans from the interference of the CCP.”

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A true public servant 

A core pillar of Schmitt’s political philosophy has always been public service. “I’m proud of my experience, and my ability to lead this town is unmatched,” he said, adding, “My experience in conservative fiscal management, commercial real estate, and government work make me a strong candidate for the position [of Town Supervisor,]” said Schmitt, adding, “We need someone who’s going to be willing to ask the tough questions, and advocate for the community.”

Schmitt’s accomplishments have been evident in his legislative work where he made significant efforts to ensure that his constituents had access to the resources they sought and needed. He brings this same mindset to his run for Town Supervisor — focusing on being a public servant first, and a politician second.

Throughout legislative sessions as Assemblyman for the 99th District, Schmitt displayed an impressive track record for a member of a minority party, successfully passing a number of bills far above the typical average. His efforts led to the passage of nine major pieces of legislation that he primarily sponsored, as well as over 75 bills that he either sponsored or co-sponsored. 

Schmitt’s legislative agenda was marked by a bipartisan approach, focusing on areas such as tax cuts, enhancing public safety, advocating for ethics reform, preserving community values and natural resources, and ensuring equitable distribution of funding from Albany.

Bringing an executive leader mindset 

As New Windsor gears up for its Town Supervisor elections, residents are likely to pay close attention to Schmitt’s campaign. Given his track record, it’s safe to say that Schmitt’s entry into the race will bring a new dynamic to the region’s political landscape.

“Now we’re just a few days out from Primary Day and we’re working hard everyday,” said Schmitt, adding, “We have great supporters, volunteers, and endorsers. And we’re asking every Republican to get out and vote on June 27 for the Republican Primary.”

Schmitt also noted the historical trend of low voter turnout in the town’s past — emphasizing that in a town such as New Windsor, elections can often be decided by a small margin of votes.

‘Get out and vote’

“We have had a low turnout for primary elections in the past — sometimes less than a thousand people show up,” said Schmitt, noting how the turnout can “decide who leads the town for the next two years.”

“Don’t wait; vote early,” said Schmitt. “Vote during the week if you have to, or based on what your schedule allows, but get your vote in. That’s the most important thing.”

Schmitt’s bid for Town Supervisor could signal a new chapter in the town’s history. As a dynamic leader with deep local roots and a strong commitment to public service, Schmitt hopes to represent a promising future for New Windsor and its residents.

In 2022, Schmitt ran on the Republican ticket to represent New York’s 18th Congressional District, narrowly losing to Democratic candidate, Pat Ryan.

New York State’s Republican primary is slated for June 27, 2023. New Windsor’s election for Town Supervisor will take place on Nov. 7, 2023