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WSJ Report: WHO had Little to No Control over COVID-19 Investigation in China

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) investigation into the origin of coronavirus in China suffered severe setbacks as Beijing had complete control on the proceedings, says the Wall Street Journal in a recent report. The communist regime decided every part of the investigation, from what the visiting scientists were allowed to see and who could be […]

National Cyber Security Centre Warns British Businesses of Chinese Hacking

Some 2,300 British businesses were recently contacted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and urged to update their servers and use the latest Microsoft security patches to protect their Outlook emails due to possible Chinese hacking. Thus far, less than half of the approximately 8,000 affected businesses have taken steps to download the security […]

Travel to China Made Easy if You Have Received a Chinese Made Vaccine

Communist China will ease entry restrictions for individuals who have been inoculated with vaccines made by Chinese companies, simplifying the paperwork significantly. Embassies of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) issued notices on Monday explaining how people vaccinated with Chinese vaccines can apply for visas to enter China, whose international borders have been closed for […]

Bao Zhouxuan, Son of Prominent Chinese Rights Lawyer, Applies for Political Asylum in US

It’s been a long, difficult road for Bao Zhouxuan, who has applied for asylum in the U.S. In March last year, the now 21-year-old arrived in California from Australia and was held in immigration detention for a month. Bao was given parole and then applied for asylum and now awaits upon a decision from an […]

SBS to Temporarily Stop Airing China Central Television (CTTV)

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), a hybrid-funded Australian public service broadcaster, has said it is going to stop its regular broadcasts of China Central Television (CTTV). This development took place after a human rights group pointed out that the broadcaster was airing possibly forced confessions. SBS has taken note of the allegation and stated that […]

Pfizer May Raise Price of Its COVID-19 Vaccine

A Pfizer executive has said the company might raise its coronavirus vaccines’ price given the “significant opportunity.” The suggestion was made by Frank A D’Amelio, CFO & executive VP of global supply for Pfizer, at a virtual international healthcare conference hosted by Barclays.  D’Amelio’s prediction is based on the coronavirus becoming endemic. That means that […]

Irish Citizen Detained in China Pleas to Return Home

Richard O’Halloran, an Irish citizen detained in China since 2019, has been prevented from leaving the country. He became embroiled in a legal dispute involving the Chinese owner of a Dublin-based aircraft leasing company, China International Aviation Leasing Service (CALS Ireland), for which he works. Mr O’Halloran travelled to China in February 2019 in an […]

Lithuania Blocks Chinese Scanning Equipment on National Security Grounds

It appears that China’s ambition of emerging as an Asian superpower has hit a stumbling block. After Australia opted to export their coal to other Asian nations, another country has given a cold shoulder to China for trading activity anomalies. Lithuania’s government has prevented China-based Nuctech’s subsidiary from supplying baggage-scanning equipment for aviation usage. Lithuania […]

Mexican Cartels Smuggle Record Amounts of Fentanyl into the US Under Biden’s Leadership

According to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a record volume of the drug Fentanyl is flowing into America through the southern border, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP). In the first five months of the fiscal year 2021, the department’s Fentanyl seizures rose by a massive 360 percent over the same period last […]

European Navies Increase Presence in Indo-Pacific to Safeguard Against Communist China

European governments are increasing their naval presence in the Indo-Pacific to contain Communist China’s growing assertive stance in the region. These military actions come amidst growing discontent in Europe against China for unfair trade practices and human rights abuses. The focus on China is also a significant shift from Europe’s traditional military thinking post World […]

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