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Cornell Professors Reject University’s Partnership with Communist China

Professors from Cornell University in New York have overwhelmingly voted to reject a proposed joint degree program bankrolled directly by the Chinese communist government. The proposed partnership between Cornell and Peking University was rejected with a 39-16 vote against it because Beijing suppresses academic freedom and commits human rights abuses. The Chinese Ministry of Education […]

Communist China’s Sanctions of VIPs Are a ‘Badge of Honor’

Beijing recently announced sanctions on two American religious rights officials, a member of the Canadian parliament, and a subcommittee on human rights in Canada’s House of Commons. The sanctioned individuals are banned from entering communist China, including Macau and Hong Kong. Also, Chinese individuals and entities are prohibited from engaging in any kind of transaction with the […]

No More Human Rights Talk: Beijing Piles Pressure on Nike Regarding Uyghur Forced Labor

The Chinese government has launched a multi-pronged attack on global brand Nike, that involves a massive social media campaign encouraging people to boycott the company’s products. The pressure campaign comes after Nike published a statement in which it clarified that it had no connection to the cotton sourced through forced labor being used in Xinjiang. […]

How the CCP Intimidates US Companies

The Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda and ideologies have received a boost from U.S. companies that self-censor and comply with the CCP’s demands to access and compete in China’s market. The expectation that U.S. companies will apologize for offenses and make corrections according to CCP demands has been stepped up since 2016. It has been most […]

Crimes Committed Against Uyghurs Meet Definition of Genocide: Report

A recent report by New Lines Institute, a Washington D.C. think tank, has determined that Communist China’s crimes against the Uyghur minority in the Xinjiang autonomous region can be classified as genocide. The report did not make any specific calls for action but wanted to make the information available for further research. A team of […]

Foreign Reporters in China Face Covid-19 Roadblocks

A report by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China (FCCC) has found that foreign journalists’ working conditions in China deteriorated in 2020. According to the paper titled ‘Track Trace Expel: Reporting on China Amid a Pandemic,’ foreign reporters have run into roadblocks, and not one has reported that the situation has improved from previous years. […]

Chinese Embassy Whitewashes Cratering Uyghur Birth Rate as Victory for Feminism

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mouthpiece China Daily published a propaganda piece on Jan. 8 claiming the eradication of religious extremism, rather than a...

The Truth Behind the Missing Uyghur Imams in China

By Philip Thomas With the ongoing situation in China where the religious minority group of Uyghur Muslims is being subject to a continuous stream of...

Canadian Government Calls Uyghur Persecution ‘Genocide’

Canada’s Parliamentary Subcommittee on International Human Rights recently issued a press release in which it condemned the Chinese government’s brutal persecution of the Uyghur...

Arsenal Soccer Star Mesut Özil Punished for Speaking About Uyghur Persecution

Soccer midfielder Mesut Özil, who plays for Arsenal, has been left off of the club’s Europa League and Premier League squads. Özil has previously...

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