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Tens of Thousands Rally in Washington, DC to Protest Alleged Election Fraud

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: December 12, 2020
People rally on Dec. 12, 2020, at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to support U.S. President Donald Trump in his legal battle against alleged election fraud. (Image: Olivia Liu/Vision Times)

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tens of thousands of people gathered Saturday at the Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C. in support of President Donald Trump and his battle against alleged widespread election fraud. 

Stop the steal rally
Rallygoers on Dec. 12, 2020 display signs near the Capitol in Washington, D.C. protesting alleged election fraud and the anti-Trump bias of the legacy media. (Image: Olivia Liu / Vision Times)

The event featured the Jericho March group outside of the Supreme Court, U.S. Capitol, and Department of Justice, as well as remarks from retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

The crowd chanted “Four more years!” as Marine One flew overhead with President Trump on board.

Trump's Marine One fly over crowd
Trump’s, helicopter, Marine One, flying over the crowd gathered at the National Mall. (Image: Olivia Liu / Vision Times)

Michael Flynn, who was recently pardoned by President Trump, gave remarks at the rally. He spoke about the solemn importance of upholding the Constitution and the Constitutional crisis the alleged election fraud has posed to the future of the country.

Michael Flynn
Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn delivers a speech before the rallygoers at the National Mall on Dec. 12, 2020. (Image: Olivia Liu / Vision Times)

“We spend our entire lives looking [for] and seeking something more noble than who we are. And that’s really why we are standing here today.

“We are in a critical moment in the history of the United States of America.”

Flynn continued: “This is not about me. It’s not about my family…This is about our faith, our faith in each other. This is about our Constitution and the fabric of our Constitution. I always tell people: the Courts aren’t going to decide who the next President of the United States is going to be. We, the people, decide.

“This nation is going through a historic Constitutional crisis right now. We all know it. Not just those people who voted for Trump. The entire country, the entire world is watching what we’re doing right now, and we have got to get this right.” 

“The Founding Fathers were really brilliant… they said ‘We know there’s going to be corruption right here, inside the walls of Jericho.’ They knew it. So they created something where the States have responsibility, the people closest to ‘We, the people,’ were the States’ legislators. That’s super important. 

“If you can understand that, then walk away from here and make sure you echo that message back to your hometowns. You’ve got to do that. We cannot accept what we are going through as right,” Flynn said.

People speak up

Many of the attendees of the event shared similar viewpoints to those of Flynn, finding inspiration in his words.

Damien, a U.S. permanent resident from the UK, spoke to Vision Times about why he attended the rally: “I want to fight for some election integrity. In my experience, UK elections are different from elections here. Over in the UK I feel like our elections are fair, they’re transparent… I don’t think they are here.” 

“So ultimately I think every four years we’re always going to be at this point until we have a federal reform where we have nationwide standards that we all follow,” he said.

 Damien was interviewed
When Damien was asked if he would have voted for Trump in 2016, he said no. His opinion changed in following years upon seeing the president’s policies and actions. (Image: Leo Timm / Vision Times)

But over the last two years, his mind changed as a result of witnessing the behavior of the Democrat Party. “As I understood American culture more, as I got to understand America more… I’ve been here now for three and a half years. I opened my mind and realized that I agreed with what these people had to say,” he said.

“The suppression of free speech… as someone who grew up as a classic liberal, the suppression of free speech is something I disagree with and I think the GOP has more in common with me than they [Democrats] do.”

President Trump “actually fights for the people,” Damien said. “He says what he’s going to do, even if I don’t agree with everything he does. He says what he’s going to do and he does it. He actually cares.”

Astrid Gamez, a Venezeulan who practices psychology with a specialization in violence prevention said she attended the rally because “we are fighting for our freedom.”

“If we let the election be stolen, we are going to be like Venezuela soon. I left my country 26 years ago. It happened the same way. People didn’t care, didn’t pay attention. After [Hugo] Chavez came, little by little he was taking rights away from us,” she said, referring to the late socialist strongman leader of the South American country.

Gamez continued: “My family was a target. We lost everything. Even though I left before he was in power, my family stayed. I don’t want something like that to happen here. We are in the process [of transitioning to autocracy]. We have to fight and we have to make people aware.”

“You know they even use the same [voting] machines in my country,” she said.

When asked about what concerns her if Joe Biden wins the presidency, Gamez said she was concerned that Biden has said he will “remove all the sanctions the Trump Administration has imposed on the [Venezuelan] regime. So that’s a red flag.”

rally goers hold Vision Times Special Edition
Rallygoers hold Vision Times Special Edition, featuring artwork by renowned Chinese-American cartoonist Daxiong. (Image: by Grace / Vision Times)

When asked about cases of members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa attacking peaceful protesters in Washington, Gail, a retired resident who attended the rally with her husband, said members of the Capitol and PG County police, who she knows on a personal level, were extremely frustrated with being unable to protect citizens from Marxist revolutionary groups because of policy restrictions placed on them by the chain of command.

“After they [Antifa/BLM] went around beating women, children, and seniors. They [Proud Boys] went out and found them. Some of the higher ups in the police department were so proud of the Proud Boys they had a tear in their eye, because [the police] are not allowed to do anything.”

When asked about how she felt the situation will ultimately turn out, Gail said: “I think it will all turn out good. I mean, there will be a lot of bad beforehand, but I think maybe in the end we’ll have our country back.

“It may not be an easy thing. We may have to fight for it. But, I mean, everybody is prepared to fight.”

In response to a question about what direction she believes Biden and Kamala Harris would take the country, she said: “I don’t think they’ll ever get into the White House. We’re not letting them get the White House.”

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