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Trump Filing Retooled Lawsuits Following Texas Lawsuit Dismissal

Published: December 14, 2020
Since the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Texas lawsuit, the Trump campaign is now looking at alternate ways to overturn the election results riddled with voter fraud and irregularities.
Trump will be filing retooled lawsuits. (Image: YouTube / Screenshot)

Since the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Texas lawsuit, the Trump campaign is now looking at alternate ways to overturn the election results riddled with voter fraud and irregularities. In an interview with Steve Bannon on his show War Room, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani stated that they will be moving on to Plan B, which basically involves filing lawsuits in every battleground state that was sued in the Texas lawsuit. This includes the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin. Lawsuits will also be filed in Arizona and Nevada.

These lawsuits will be similar to the one Texas filed in the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Giuliani alleged that courts have been using the matter of “standing” to avoid facing the facts. The lawyer notes that not a single court decision has had a hearing. The courts have neither listened to any witness, tapes, nor recording despite the fact that there are thousands of such pieces of evidence. Giuliani points to a tape from Atlanta, Georgia, that shows a theft of 30,000 votes, which is enough to sway the results of the election. Biden only has a lead of around 13,000 votes in Georgia.

“If the state doesn’t have standing, surely the president of the United States has standing. And certainly, the electors in the states have standing. So they will be bringing those very cases right in those courts, starting today… And let’s see what excuse they can try to use to avoid having a hearing on that… Nobody wants to face the reality that this election was stolen… This is outrageous what they’re doing. The American people should have the benefit of hearing these facts… The facts have been kept from them,” Giuliani said on Bannon’s program.

Dick Morris, a presidential strategist, accused the Democrats of intimidating the U.S. Supreme Court into rejecting the Texas lawsuit. In an interview with Newsmax, Morris notes that the primary duty of the Supreme Court is to ensure their survival. He believes that the SCOTUS was sent a message during the election by Biden and Harris that should the court overturn the election, the Democrats would make them meaningless. Democrats have consistently been raising the issue of packing the Supreme Court and putting term limits on justices. According to Morris, such veiled threats ensured that the Supreme Court justice opted to not hear the Texas case, according to Morris.

Union of states

Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West, has raised the possibility of forming a union of law-abiding states after SCOTUS rejected the Texas lawsuit. In a public statement, West noted that even if others do not stand for the Constitution and the rule of law, the Texas GOP would continue adhering to such values.

Texas Republican Chair Allen West floated the idea of a union of law-abiding states. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

“The Supreme Court, in tossing the Texas lawsuit that was joined by seventeen states and 106 US congressmen, has decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violate its own election law. It results in damaging effects on other states that abide by the law, while the guilty state suffers no consequences. This decision establishes a precedent that says states can violate the US constitution and not be held accountable. This decision will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic,” he said in a statement.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocked West’s suggestion, calling the idea a “confederacy of dunces.” In return, West said on Twitter that his idea was better than being in a “People’s Republic of Fools,” adding that he prefers living in the “Constitutional States of America” rather than the “Socialist States of America.”

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