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Hunter Biden’s Taxes Under Federal Investigation

Published: December 15, 2020
The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware is investigating Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, for tax-related matters.
Hunter Biden is being investigated on tax issues (Image: YouTube/Screenshot)

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware is investigating Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, for tax-related matters. The investigation began in 2018. According to a government source, Hunter Biden is the target of a grand jury investigation. The term “target” refers to a person who likely committed a crime, while “subject” describes someone who may or may not have committed a crime. Joe Biden is not currently under any grand jury investigation.

When financial institutions notice something strange about a particular banking transaction, they file it with Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR). SAR filings partly triggered Hunter’s investigation when Hunter received funds from foreign nations, including China. According to experts, the SAR filing could be related to a tax investigation or money laundering. 

Back in October 2019, the FBI subpoenaed Hunter Biden’s laptop in a money laundering investigation. In a public statement, Hunter said that he was taking matters “very seriously.”  The Biden-Harris transition team said that Joe Biden is “deeply proud of his son.”

In November, senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley revealed that Hunter’s foreign business deals were linked to the Russian government and the Chinese Communist Party. 

“Some of the additional findings from their investigation include millions of dollars sent from a Shanghai-based company with links to CEFC, which was effectively an extension of the communist Chinese government, to a close business associate of Hunter Biden,” they said in a news release. CEFC was established by Chinese billionaire, Ye Jianming, who allegedly has ties with the communist regime. His whereabouts are not currently known.

Joe Biden has repeatedly tried to distance himself from his son’s business deals, claiming that he had no involvement in them. However, Tony Bobulinski strongly refuted this claim. Bobulinski was the CEO of the former joint venture Sinohawk LLC, which involved Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Ye Jianming, and two other partners. Together they incorporated the joint venture in 2017 in Delaware. Bobulinski attests that he met Joe Biden in two meetings. 

In an interview with Fox News, Bobulinski said that the Biden family is compromised due to their history with CEFC. Devin Nunes, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, suggested that a special counsel for the Hunter Biden case might be required and that it must be “held accountable.” 

Barr’s connection to the Hunter Biden inquest

The Wall Street Journal revealed that Attorney General William Barr knew of the investigation being conducted on Hunter Biden before this spring. However, he did not disclose the information in order to comply with department rules. According to the Justice Department guidelines, investigators are prohibited from taking any overt steps during the election period to avoid influencing the results.

William Barr knew about Hunter’s investigation last spring. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

Trump has suggested that Barr might give Joe Biden and his son a pass. “If Biden gets in, nothing will happen to Hunter or Joe. Barr will do nothing, and the new group of partisan killers coming in will quickly kill it all. Same thing with Durham. We caught them cold, spying, treason, and more (the hard part), but “Justice” took too long. Will be DOA!” Trump tweeted. He noted that Barr’s silence on Hunter Biden turned out to be a huge disadvantage for Republicans at the polls.

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