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Hurricane Rick Brings High Winds, Rain, and Storm Surge With Landfall on Mexico’s Southern Pacific Coast Early Monday Morning

Published: October 25, 2021

Hurricane Rick is presently slightly offshore and soaking Mexico’s southern Pacific coast as well as inundating the area with high winds, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC). Earlier today, Acapulco’s state of Guerrero already reported rains as well as winds that had upended trees and damaged a road. The storm is expected to slow once it is over land, with a landfall expected in the early morning hours on Monday.

Hurricane Rick’s point of impact is predicted to occur somewhere between the Lazaro Cardenas seaport and the resort town of Zihuatanejo.

According to a statement from Mexico’s National Water Commission, after Rick begins moving over land, it “will cause intense to torrential rains and possible mudslides and flooding, as well as rising levels in streams and rivers, in the states of Guerrero, Michoacan, Colima and Jalisco.” The storm may hit land as a Category 3 Hurricane, possibly dealing a direct blow to Zihuatanejo and affecting the larger resort of Acapulco to the east. Both resorts are located in the state of Guerrero.

Heavy rains will most likely continue through Tuesday, threatening to bring mudslides due to the mountainous coastal landscape. Both Lazaro Cardenas and Zihuatanejo have opened shelters, while evacuation of low coastal areas is not mandatory, a hazardous situation could be created, as significant coastal flooding might arise due to storm surges in areas affected by onshore winds, both near and to the east of Rick’s point of landfall, with large and destructive waves and currents forming near the coast. 

While the immediate concern is for the safety of locals and tourists, the people’s well-being could also be affected if any damage to the resort towns occurs that can not be repaired before winter. A concern is that this might impact the economy in Guerrero, which relies upon the strong performance of the state’s beaches and resorts, including Acapulco and Zihuatanejo, during the busy winter season.

According to NOAA’s National Hurricane Center, Rick is presently expected to dissipate within three days. ABC has shared a prediction that the storm should ease by Tuesday.