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Terahertz Waves – Mysterious Radiation of Life

Carolina Avendano
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Published: April 19, 2022
Terahertz are the only waves of the electromagnetic spectrum that physicists haven’t been able to manipulate. This type of radiation could revolutionize technology and uncover connections between the human body and the energy of the Universe. (Image: geralt via Pixabay)

Terahertz waves are the quantum waves that physicists currently know the least about. Located between the microwave and the infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, terahertz waves interact with the human body and other types of matter in a way never seen before in the history of science.

These waves are just as valuable as they are difficult to manipulate. For decades, it has been impossible to create a consumer device that can transmit these waves. Nevertheless, motivated by the wide array of potential industrial, societal and academic applications of terahertz waves, and their ability to improve physical and mental health, many scientists are slowly making progress in this field.

What is the electromagnetic spectrum?

The electromagnetic spectrum encompases all of the frequencies of electromagnetic radiation known to man. It spans from radio waves and microwaves, to x-rays and gamma rays. Except for the waves within the visible light region, all frequencies in the spectrum are invisible to the human eye.

Terahertz waves are located between the microwave and the infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum (Image: Horst Frank via Wikimedia Creative Commons)

Terahertz waves lie beyond the red region of the visible spectrum where wavelengths get increasingly long. The unique frequency of these waves has shown to correspond to the vibration of numerous molecules in the human body, including DNA and proteins. 

What makes terahertz so special?

Terahertz waves have the ability to penetrate through many non-metallic materials and distinguish their components. If scientists master this unique feature, new tools could be developed to see through opaque matter, which would allow us, for example, to discriminate between real and counterfeit drugs without opening the box.

Other potential uses of its penetrative quality involve the estimation of the thickness and uniformity of coatings in automotive and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the detection of molecular motion in crystalline structures.

Communication technologies could also benefit from terahertz waves, as their frequencies could speed up our Wi-Fi connection, which typically relies on lower-frequency microwaves.

Even more compelling is their potential for biological use. Recent research indicates that terahertz are able to interact with biomacromolecules due to their proximity in energy range. This makes them suitable for the creation of new biomedical sensing and imaging technologies that could enhance skin cancer detection systems and eliminate the harmful ionizing radiation typical of X-rays.

The ionizing properties of X-rays allow them to remove electrons from atoms and molecules. This structural alteration can cause harm and result in cancer. (Image: cottonbro via Pexels)

Bountiful health benefits in the form of a shiny stone

Inspired by the close relationship between the frequency of terahertz and the vibration of molecules in the human body, a group of Japanese scientists developed the terahertz stone about a decade ago. This man-made gemstone was produced by extracting silica from sand or quartz, and originally served to protect the body against electromagnetic pollution and harmful radiation. 

As the use of the chrome-colored stone has become widespread in the form of bracelets, necklaces, anklets and pendants, many people have reported experiencing physical and mental improvements in the condition of mind and body.

Physically, one can experience improved blood circulation by virtue of the stone’s thermal conductivity, which favors the treatment of cold hands and feet that are common with hypothermia. Moreover, the similarity of terahertz frequency to that of the hydrogen bonding network of water has proven to harmonize the human body, given the body is 70% water.

Similar to other gemstones, terahertz stones are believed to restore the body’s energy as their vibrations balance the Yin and Yang energies through the meridians. This revitalization can treat extreme tiredness and enhance mobility.

One can also experience a decrease in stress and improved clarity of mind. Terahertz waves have been shown to stimulate the electrical charges of the brain cells, prompting the two hemispheres of the brain to work harmoniously and reducing the tendency to overthink.

Terahertz frequencies also have a spiritual significance. Their distinctive interaction with organic matter and their abundant presence in the universe have led many to call this wave “Radiation of life.” It has been detected in both the energy field of qigong masters and in the light field of a full moon, demonstrating the unique nature of terahertz waves. 

Terahertz can be found in the field of qigong masters. Rooted in Chinese tradition, qigong is a system of slow-flowing movements and meditation for the purposes of health and spirituality. (Image: pcdazero via Pixabay)

Still a mystery to researchers

Although humans were able to source terahertz from rocks and minerals, scientists have not yet been able to easily manipulate these waves. In fact, modern technology can send and receive all of the waves from the electromagnetic spectrum except for terahertz.

Further progress in this field of research promises to revolutionize technology and uncover the metaphysical nature of the waves, whose unique interaction with the human body exemplifies our inherent connection to the vast universe