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BBC Chronicles Case of Psychopath MI5 Agent Who Terrorized Girlfriends and Got Away With It

Published: May 25, 2022
A view of Thames House and Lambeth Bridge, London, looking downriver. The Thames House hosts the headquarters of Great Britain's M15 counterintelligence agency. (Image: MI5 Thames House Image Gallery/OGL v1.0)

A BBC report about a dropped investigation into an MI5 operative abusing his power to terrorize at least two female partners was nearly blocked by the UK Government.

The report was finally published after a lengthy legal struggle between the broadcaster, who wanted to disclose the alleged perpetrator’s identity, and the federal Attorney General, who sought to thwart publication citing national security and on the pretext of protecting the evildoer’s safety.


Eventually, the prosecutor managed to keep the suspect’s identity, a male foreign national to the UK, whom the BBC refers to as “X,” a secret, practically foiling the corporation’s stated efforts to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

The outlet cited a purported victim of X going by the pseudonym of Beth. She attested she had been terrorized, humiliated, and threatened by X on several occasions during what started as a romantic relationship, but turned into a car crash nightmare. 

Living a nightmare

“He had complete control. I was a shadow of who I am now,” Beth related to the BBC.

Beth also survived several attempts on her life, one of which she recorded on her cell phone featuring X wielding a machete. 

“At the end of the relationship, he dictated my every waking hour – where I went, who I saw, how I worked, what I did at work, what I wore,” Beth stated.

X also made her “feel absolutely worthless” and used “the fact that I had mental health problems to bully me and to make me feel more vulnerable,” she said.

Beth told the BBC, “There was so much psychological terror from him to me that ultimately culminated in me having a breakdown because I was so afraid of everything – because of how he’d made me think, the people that he was involved with, and the people who he worked for.”

X was also over-confident about his inviolability due to his status as an agent and that he had “men in high places” as well as in the criminal underworld who would always cover his back should she try to challenge him and seek help from the police.

“It meant that I couldn’t speak out about any of his behavior towards me, any of the violence I went through, sexual or physical, because he had men in high places who always had his back, who would intervene, and who would actively kill me if I spoke out.”

Eventually, Beth did speak out. X was arrested, and the case was brought to court, but what was particularly disturbing is that X, as an MI5 informant or covert human intelligence source (CHIS), remained scot-free after a police investigation into his alleged crimes was interfered with by the counter-terror service which subsequently did nothing to pursue the case.

After his release, X hassled Beth anew before he, for some reason, supposedly gave up on his plans to terrorize and kill her and suddenly left the country.

The police refused to look into the evidence Beth had provided and never took a complete statement from her.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) neither confirmed nor denied Beth’s claims but dropped the case citing a lack of proof as vindication, a feat heavily contended by the BBC given the abundance of evidence.

Ruth’s story: ‘Blood, bones, and flesh. Human flesh.’

The station also reported another victim of the same nationality as X, referred to as Ruth. Ruth told the same compelling stories about X abusing her and threatening to kill her.

“He said he would be able to kill my daughter and me too, and then put our bodies somewhere, and no one would ever know who I am,” Ruth told the broadcaster.

“I was psychologically broken, really broken,” Ruth, who was equally emotionally ravished, added. 

“I kept wondering why he changed so much, but he once told me that this is his true face and that he’d been acting the whole time.”

Ruth also related a notebook in which X detailed his plans to kill her. The booklet comprised X’s imagination about “blood, bones, flesh. Human flesh. Eating children’s flesh.”

Both women attested to the BBC that they believed X would murder them and is a danger to other women might he go about unhampered.

The image of X corroborates with that of a psychopath, as described in studies by several researchers, such as Mark Safarik, Scott Bon, Fox and Delisi, and Reid Meloy.

Psychopaths have an insatiable thirst for violence, rage, excitement, and murder. Many are prone to indulge in satanism and pedophilia. Practically all mass murderers and serial rapists are affected with this condition.

The typical psychopath, however, is a master at disguising his ill intentions and is a whiz at mimicking people’s expressions, and often comes about as a very entertaining, charming, and caring character. They are highly proficient in manipulating and deceiving people and are often found among the highest social ranks.