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Saskatchewan Warns Trudeau Admin Federal Nitrogen Testers May Be Arrested for Trespassing

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: August 23, 2022
The Saskatchewan Government warned the Federal Government that nitrogen testers may be arrested for trespassing.
Premier of Saskatchewan Scott Moe at a meeting of Premiers and the Prime Minister in Montreal, on Dec. 7, 2018. Moe’s administration warned the Justin Trudeau federal Liberal Party that Government of Canada workers allegedly trespassing on producer lands to conduct water testing for the presence of nitrogen may be arrested under the Province’s Trespass Act. (Image: MARTIN OUELLET-DIOTTE/AFP via Getty Images)

The government of the Province of Saskatchewan has warned the Justin Trudeau administration that federal employees who have been conducting water testing on private land without the permission of landowners may be subject to the same serious legal consequences as any other trespasser.

Provincial Minister of Highways and Minister Responsible for Water Security Agency Jeremy Cockrill published the warning openly on Twitter on Aug. 21 in a letter addressed to federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault.

The letter stated that Saskatchewan producers had contacted the Province to share “serious concerns about Government of Canada employees, in clearly marked Government of Canada vehicles, trespassing on private lands.”

When approached, the federal agents told local producers they were, “Testing water sources for pesticide/nitrate levels,” the letter stated.

Cockrill noted that the lands are privately owned and that Government of Canada staff neither requested nor received permission to conduct testing.

The Minister further added that the federal government’s unsolicited testing regime, “Has created unnecessary fear and disruption to our citizens while also displaying a disappointing act of bad faith.”

Cockrill, citing his official status and power, warned Guilbeault that federal agents are to “cease and desist any further surreptitious activity on private lands,” while cautioning that, under Saskatchewan law, trespass is punishable by a $25,000 fine and/or six months in prison.

In the tweet, the Minister provided the public with a hotline number that can be called to report further transgressions.

Although Guilbeault did not reply to the tweet publicly, Aug. 22 reporting by CTV News stated that his office is “looking into the matter internally,” claiming further to only be aware of one instance of scientists taking water samples “very near a highway” while being unaware of two other incidents reported in the letter.

Guilbeault’s office definitively stated, “No nitrates or other nutrients are being sampled as part of these sampling activities.”

The conflict is especially sensitive in light of the Dutch Farmer Protest movement, which revolves around the issue of government-sanctioned nitrogen fertilizer elimination and a potential globalist land grab embodying a modern implementation of the Marxist ideal of Redistribution of Wealth.

Saskatchewan is a low population and primarily rural area comprising one of Canada’s key farming hubs.

The overseas threat hit home for Canadian farmers when on July 22, the Trudeau administration announced it would likewise ban nitrogen-based fertilizers by 2030 in implementing the United Nations Agenda 2030 scheme.

Agenda 2030 is composed of several “Sustainable Development Goals,” which are the nation-level version of the much-decried corporate and academia level “Environmental, Social, and Governance” and “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” policy regimens.

Former Canadian Minister of Agriculture Gerry Ritz appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News segment shortly after the announcement, decrying the policy as on the same level as that employed by Great Cultural Revolution-era Chinese Communist Party Chairman and mass murderer Mao Zedong, which caused millions of Chinese citizens to die in famine.

“I don’t think [Trudeau] realizes the rabbit hole he’s gone down and who he’s pulling in with him…At the end of the day, Canada’s production is already as environmentally friendly as you can possibly get,” Ritz stated, according to The Counter Signal.

“Can you do more – we always will. At the end of the day, there’s no recognition of that environmental stewardship that our farmers already do,”

Minister Cockrill’s letter received the official backing of Premier Scott Moe in a follow up tweet the same day.