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Vying For NY State Assembly, Lisa LaBue Hopes to Work For Constituents: ‘Politicians have forgotten their place’

Working mom running to represent District 100 in New York’s State Assembly shares her views on fiscal responsibility and government transparency
Alina Wang
A native of New York, Alina has a Bachelors degree in Corporate Communications from Baruch College and writes about human rights, politics, tech, and society.
Published: November 1, 2022
Running for New York's 100th State Assembly hoping to represent constituents in Albany is Lisa LaBue from Middletown, New York. (Image: Lisa LaBue)

Running for District 100 in New York’s State Assembly and hoping to represent the people of Albany is Lisa LaBue. A lifelong New Yorker, working mom, and business owner, LaBue sat down with Vision Times to share why she believes politics have to change. 

“Politicians have forgotten their place. They have forgotten that they work for us, and that they should be asking their constituents what they need and advocate for the people,” she said, adding that, “They [politicians] should not be telling us how to handle our children, what to put in our bodies, and how taxpayer money should be handled.” 


LaBue: ‘We need people who are going to fight for us’

As a working mother of two, LaBue said she knows too well the burdens that working class folks face day in and day out. “I had to work two jobs and it’s hard to keep up with everything. So I can relate to other working moms who are overworked and trying just to keep a roof over their heads,” she said.

“We need people that are gonna go up there and are going to fight for us. People who understand what it’s like having to choose which bill to pay this month, or deciding whether they can afford to take their kids out for the weekend.”

Lisa LaBue pictured with her two sons and granddaughter. (Image: Lisa LaBue)

“I am beholden to us, not the people in Albany,” she continued, highlighting her reasons for running, and why she loves calling the state of New York home. “This is the best state, we have the best resources [here], but we’re being suppressed by our own government and that needs to stop,” she said. 

“Our representatives should have to go over to each person and make sure their community and districts understand when a new law is imposed,” underscoring why she believes it’s vital that politicians reflect and work for what their constituents truly want and need. 

Doubling down on corruption: ‘Things are not free’

When it comes to budgeting and money, LaBue believes zeroing in on corruption and ensuring budgets are being efficiently allocated is key to success. “We are in a state deficit right now, a large one,” she said, adding that, “Politicians keep spending federal funds, but we don’t have anything to show for it.”

“I am very good with money and budgeting. And that’s one of the committees I want to be most involved with,” LaBue says. “Things are not free.”

Another issue she hopes to focus on is reforming the criminal justice system in the district she hopes to represent. “We have a domestic violence issue in the country and in this state,” she said, adding, “In our own community, criminals are being allowed to get away with assault.” 

“That has got to stop,” she stressed. 

When asked about what else she would do for the economy, LaBue said she believed mom and pop shops should be given more supportive tools to succeed. “We should make it easier for small businesses to thrive. And not be overburdening them with regulations and fines,” she said. 

On the environment 

When asked about her stance on environmental issues, LaBue agreed that cleaning up the planet and taking care of our environment were of vital importance.

“Who wouldn’t agree with that?” she told Vision Times. However, she believes “there are healthy ways to work on environmental efforts without digging into our pockets and overspending budgets.”

“Carbon tax on all carbon-based fuels is going to hurt us in so many different ways,” she said, describing how such radical laws would hurt working class people. “Freight costs are going to go up, groceries are gonna go up, the cost of clothing is going to go up. Everything is going to go up in prices.”  

Running on the Republican ticket, LaBue stressed the importance of maintaining a well-balanced and transparent workflow between her office and the constituents she hopes to represent. 

“Forget about just feeling pain at the pump or buying fuel to heat your home, it will hurt people in every way,” she said. “That’s why we need to double down on budgets and ensure taxpayer money is being put to proper use.” 

‘I don’t have any political money or corporate sponsors’

When asked about what inspired her to get involved in politics, LaBue said she hopes to make a difference by representing the real working class community. “I am a working mom and I know what it’s like to struggle and have to budget,” she said. 

“I don’t have any political money or corporate sponsors and don’t have ties to anyone,” she said, adding, “I don’t have any bureaucrats or other politicians behind me and the only thing funding my campaign are people like me — working people,” she shared. 

“That’s what I call grassroots: boots on the ground.”