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Beloved Furniture Store Huffman Koos Closing Middletown, NY Location for Renovations, But Business Is ‘Alive and Well’

Alina Wang
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Published: November 28, 2022
Huffman Koos' Furniture Specialist Derek Teel sat down with Vision Times staff to discuss the Middletown store on November 23, 2022. (Image: Vision Times)

MIDDLETOWN, New York — Located in Middletown, New York, furniture store Huffman Koos has been a staple amongst locals. In an exclusive interview with Vision Times, home furnishing specialist Derek Teel sat down to discuss how shoppers can find quality deals at great prices to meet all their home furnishing needs. 

While the Middletown store will be shutting down for renovations sometime in late February or early March of next year, Teel assured us that Huffman Koos as a business will remain operational.

“Huffman Koos in Middletown has been here for a long time, and there’s a common misconception where folks think the store has been going out of business — but that’s not true,” he said.  

“In this case, we are closing the store, but Huffman Koos is not closing; we’re not closing down the business, we’re only re-allocating the property here,” Teel said, explaining that the corporate location in Fairfield, New Jersey will remain open.

Quality bargain deals 

Teel also explained that though a lot of shoppers may have initially thought Huffman Koos is a retail or clearance center, the store prides itself in selling “quality furniture, England sofas, all-hardwood bedroom floors, beautiful dining rooms: temporary, traditional, ornate.” 

“We have a lot of quality furniture for all different styles,” he said, adding that the store’s versatility is one of its strong suits. “There are headboards and footboards selling for $50, and beautiful bedrooms that would normally sell for $10,000, that we sell for a third of that cost.” 

When it comes to brand new furniture, Teel said the Middletown store will be selling at half the retail price. “I will always try to work with folks to see if I can get an even better discount.” 

“The key is being able to help folks find something they can fall in love with, and work with them to achieve all their goals,” Teel said. 

In addition, Huffman Koos has display models that have been discounted and marked off at 60, 70, 80, 90 or even more, Teel said, urging folks to stop by and find everything they need for their home furnishing needs — whether they are remodeling, or looking to replace old furniture. 

“This is a great opportunity for folks to come in,” Teel said, “Maybe you’ve been waiting and you know that the sofa cushion has broken down a little bit. Why not take advantage of something where you’d normally pay three or $4,000 for a sofa, but can now get for a third of that price.”  

“It just makes sense and hopefully we can help people,” Teel said. 

Huffman Koos also has an outstanding selection of mattresses, Teel said. “There are so many different options with the large store that we have: certa-hybrid, perfect sleepers, memory foams, firm or soft bedding, etc.” 

“A lot of people have never done a sleep test and they wonder why they can’t sleep at night. Maybe you have a snoring issue or even with high blood pressure; chances are that you don’t have the right mattress,” Teel said. 

“Why not come in and try out a mattress for free that can help you and your partner sleep better at night.” 

Helping the community 

Teel stressed that shoppers would still be able to visit Huffman Koos’ store in New Jersey while the business works out a future location in upstate New York. 

“A lot of people come in here and ask when we’re closing. I know it’s always scary thinking ‘what if the store closes and I get taken advantage of,’” but although the [Middletown store] is closing, the business is not.” 

“We have our corporate location in Fairfield, New Jersey that is alive and well. This [Middletown store] has been a beautiful store for a long time, but we need to do some renovations to the building,” Teel said. 

The store’s ultimate goal, he believes, is to help shoppers save money on quality deals. “Hopefully we can help people, because as you know, everything is expensive right now,” he said, “I went shopping for a turkey [for Thanksgiving] and it was twice as much as it was last year.”

With inflation continuing to bust many consumers’ budgets, Teel said the store wants to help folks as much as possible. “If you go to the gas station you’re paying a lot of money, if you go out to eat, you’re paying a lot of money, if you go to the movies, it’s $30 even if you’re going by yourself,” Teel said.

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