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Thousands of Pelicans Die in Peru After Bird Flu Outbreak

Published: November 29, 2022
(Image: Screenshot / Reuters)
(Image: Screenshot / Reuters)

More than 13,000 birds, mainly pelicans, have died on Peruvian coasts in recent weeks following an outbreak of avian influenza in the Andean country.

Authorities have reported dead pelicans affected by avian influenza on the shores of beaches in northern and central Peru for the past two weeks.

Videos provided by authorities and local media showed clean-up workers removing dozens of pelican carcasses scattered on the sand on Monday (November 28).

The National Agricultural Health Service (Senasa) declared a health alert last week to prevent the spread of avian influenza type A, subtype H5N1, to farm poultry.

The authorities are concerned that the disease will spread further among commercial and backyard poultry.

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