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Biden Admin Claims Apple Helping CCP Censor Protests Is Kosher

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: December 1, 2022
John Kirby said Apple helping the Chinese Communist Party censor protests is okay
National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby in August in Washington, D.C. In a moment where better judgment arguably ought to have been exercised, Kirby told Fox News that Apple helping the Chinese Communist Party censor protests was no problem even though his administration has been barking for weeks about cracking down on Elon Musk’s Twitter because the platform now allows something closer to actual free speech. (Image: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The Joe Biden Administration has claimed that the crown jewel of the Big Tech cartel, Apple, helping the Chinese Communist Party censor historic and unprecedented protests against the regime and Xi Jinping’s draconian “Zero-COVID” scheme is kosher because “Apple is a private company.”

The comments were made by the White House’s John Kirby during an interview with Fox News on Nov. 29 where the spokesman claimed, “Look, in general, and we’ve been clear about this all around the world, we want individual citizens, no matter what government they live under, to be able to communicate freely and openly, transparently and reliably.”

The statement raised more than an eyebrow with many in light of both the Administration and establishment media’s nearly ubiquitous demonization of Elon Musk’s Twitter since the world’s wealthiest man returned a voice to censored big figure names like former President Donald Trump and Jordan Peterson.

Musk’s Twitter also incensed the status quo just a day earlier after announcing it would no longer enforce the prior regime’s Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) “misleading information policy,” according to Associated Press.

Apple came under fire after Chinese users discovered that the iOS 16.1.1 update nerfed a function of AirDrop that citizens were using to circumvent the Communist Party’s notorious “Golden Shield” panopticon internet censorship and surveillance scheme.


Enthusiast website 9to5Mac explained on Nov. 9 when the update was released, only days before the massive nationwide protests began in full force, that AirDrop would now only allow the transmission of files to non-contacts for 10 minutes before disabling its functionality. 

Previously, Chinese protestors were using the functionality to distribute otherwise censored information by proxy.

The change only affects iPhones purchased in the mainland.

Kirby continued in comments to Fox, “Apple’s a private company, Martha, they have to make decisions and they have to speak for those decisions.”

Host Martha MacCallum immediately put Kirby to the test on the poignant issue, “But why not say something to Apple? Because we were just told the other day that the White House is keeping an eye on Elon Musk and Twitter.” 

She continued, “So, why would you say that from the podium…and not call Apple out for helping the Chinese government to suppress their own people’s ability to communicate?”

Kirby briefly circle talked around the topic before attempting to couch the issue by stating, “But we’re not — we can’t and we aren’t in the business of telling private companies how to execute their initiatives.”

MacCallum took full advantage of the opportunity to press further, however, asking, “Yeah, but Twitter’s a private company, too. So, why is Twitter getting one treatment and Apple’s getting another is my question?”

Kirby could only defend a position with too many holes to hold back water, “Well, those are completely two different circumstances. You’re talking about the potential for perhaps foreign investment and involvement in the management of Twitter.” 

“That’s a different issue than what we’re talking about here, which is a business decision by Apple with respect to how one of their applications is being utilized.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis weighed in on the subject in a Nov. 30 interview also with Fox, where he pulled no punches on his feelings about Apple’s conduct. 

“So they [Apple] are serving basically as a vassal to the Chinese Communist Party,” DeSantis noted.

“Then on the other hand, here in the United States, what are they doing? They are trying to get Elon Musk’s Twitter off the App Store potentially, which would be a huge blow for free speech.”

At the time, rumors were circling that Apple was on the verge of giving Musk’s Twitter the same treatment it gave to Twitter alternative Parler in the wake of Donald Trump’s ban from social media after the dubious Jan. 6 Capitol Riots.

The situation was so dire that Musk told the world on Twitter that if push came to shove he would go as far as to build and put onto the market an alternative smartphone should his new acquisition face a brigading by Google and Apple.

Fortunately for all, the conflict appears to have been put to bed on Nov. 30 when Musk tweeted a video directly from the Apple campus.

The Twitter and Tesla CEO explained that he and Apple CEO Tim Cook had a “good conversation,” involving, “Among other things, we resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store. Tim was clear that Apple never considered doing so.”