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Canadian Police Harassed 65,000 Children During COVID Hysteria

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: December 9, 2022
Canadian Police used the COVID-19 hysteria as a pretext to harass 65,000 children, new documents show.
Travelers attempt to enter Canada at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, Ontario, on Aug. 9, 2021. Canadian police harassed 65,000 children during COVID-19 hysteria, new documents reveal. (Image: GEOFF ROBINS/AFP via Getty Images)

Canadian police harassed as many as 65,000 children during Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) lockdown hysteria using the Quarantine Act as a legal pretext, new reporting shows.

The figure was reported by independent media outlet True North Canada (TNC), who referenced data obtained by the heavily paywalled Blacklock’s Reporter, on Dec. 8.

The data showed that 5,000 children were cited for breaking the Act, while another 60,000 were issued warnings as late as Oct 1, 2022.

The article describes a “citation” as “a warning issued in person by a law enforcement officer as a result of non-compliance identified either at the port of entry or during a police check at the traveler’s quarantine address.”

The warnings were issued by inspectors from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), a federal body under the mandate of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party minority government.

Additionally, “More than 48,000 warnings have also been issued to children under 18 over the phone as a result of non-compliance discovered during a verification call,” TNC stated.

The article noted that the taxpayer burden for the medical police state was far from light, “From March 2020 to August 2021, the Agency spent $614 million to administer quarantine orders, Covid-19 testing and housing travellers at designated quarantine facilities. “

“Designated quarantine facilities” is a polite way to describe the government’s quarantine hotel scheme, which was exposed to the point of humiliation by another independent media outlet, Rebel News, in March of 2021.

At-the-time Rebel reporter Keean Bexte documented his stay in a Calgary quarantine hotel. Bexte paid $960.40 for a three day hotel quarantine that involved being locked in his room at all times by security with only four 15-minute “fresh air breaks” allowed each day in the hotel parking lot.

Bexte also documented problems with food service. Normal room service was totally unavailable and captives were forbidden from ordering delivery from nearby restaurants. After a lengthy wait for breakfast, Bexte revealed his bounty: a cold frozen waffle and a single plain crepe.

Bexte’s tribulation was not an isolated incident.

In December of 2021, Tiffany Gaura, a Canadian mother, made headlines after she interviewed live on state funded messaging outlet Canadian Broadcasting Corporation describing the state of the quarantine hotel she and her daughters were subjected to after returning from Egypt as “a jail-like environment” complete with 24-hour lockdown.

Gaura stated that once arriving in Canada, she was interrogated for 15 minutes by PHAC agents “about my history with Covid (none), my plans in Canada and my testing and vaccination.”

Treatment wasn’t any better after the preliminary grilling. The total process took more than two hours, involved additional invasive PCR tests, and the family was denied food and drink, she alleged. 

“They read me my rights and told me I was entitled to a lawyer. They told me the fine for breaking quarantine is up to $750,000. We had a dedicated escort throughout, ensuring we weren’t escaping.”

Gaura continued, “We were transported in a dedicated vehicle to the Westin Airport Hotel in Calgary. The Government of Canada as contracted [sic] the entire hotel as a ‘secure quarantine location’. The parking lot is blocked with No Trespassing signs. We were met by the Red Cross of Canada employees in HazMat suits. We were processed and taken to an isolation floor.”

TNC also noted from the documents that an additional 161,000 Canadians were subject to mandatory quarantines because of failure to use the Trudeau administration’s version of the Chinese Communist Party’s notorious QR code health social credit score, the ArriveCAN app, which was required for anyone attempting to enter the country at the time.

Travelers were punished for having “presented themselves at the border for entry into Canada without having submitted their public health information through ArriveCan prior to arrival,” the documents read.