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NY: Martha Flores-Vazquez Hosts ‘Mother’s Day Health Talk’ in Flushing

Published: May 11, 2023
Martha Flores-Vazquez (right) and Marianne Gonzalez (left) attend a “Mother’s Day Health Talk” on May 5 in Flushing, Queens, New York. (Image: Vision Times)

(New York, NY) – Martha Flores-Vazquez, a Flushing Democratic Party community leader and founder of the Community Family Crisis Prevention Center, celebrated Mother’s Day with a women’s health seminar at the Sheraton Flushing Hotel on May 5. Ms. Marianne Gonzalez, a candidate currently running for For Civil Court Judge, was also invited to attend.

During the lecture, everyone talked about their experiences and feelings on health and wellness.

Flores-Vazquez, is a Flushing Democrats community leader, native of Puerto Rico, and a U.S. citizen since birth. She enjoys serving the people in her community every day and is quite enthusiastic and active.

Flores-Vazquez shared her experience with Vision Times. 

“I used to have a high cholesterol index when I started going to a nutritionist, and then I realized I could be my own best nutritionist and stay healthy by consuming the right amount of fruits, vegetables, protein grains and dairy products …  My mother has been drinking milk all her life, but for health reasons she must now be allowed to drink non-dairy milk such as almond milk and non-dairy cheese”


Flores-Vazquez also advises people to start improving their diet to stay healthy. She shared this example: “When going to have your blood drawn every year or every 6 months, you are at risk and you will see what kind of results are detected by what you eat, when you go for a physical exam, for example: one doctor gave me a blood draw after I ate a very large piece of lamb and it was determined that all cholesterol is high …… You know, the white uniform that doctors wear, just like police officers wear blue uniforms, you think it’s an authority figure and what they say is important. But, did you know? Your own feelings are just as important as your words. So I told my doctor, hey, don’t draw my blood after I had breakfast because I had an orange with a lot of sugar in it; I had orange juice, I had bread, so after I ate that, you told me my cholesterol was high …… A lot of times we need doctors, and sometimes even if they’re good, they’re in it for the money So you have to be careful. Just tell your doctor to give me a chance to improve my health through diet.”

She hopes that if people adjust their diet and don’t rely on doctors, then many physical problems can be solved.

Ms. Marianne Gonzalez, an upcoming candidate for civil court judge, believes that music can ease illness and mood, saying, “My hobby is music and I love music. My mom has dementia, but the only thing that keeps her going is music! She never forgot her music, and that’s just the right thing to do.”

The evening was lively and cordial. At the end of the evening, everyone ended the seminar with a happy “Happy Mother’s Day” to each other.