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‘I Have to Leave the CCP Before Its Inevitable Collapse’: Chinese Quit the Communist Party

Published: September 25, 2023
Supporters of the Tuidang movement march at a rally in 2019. (Image: File Photo)

The Tuidang movement, founded in November 2004, encourages Chinese around the world to renounce their oaths made to lay down their lives for communism when they joined the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or its affiliated youth organizations. Over the past two decades, hundreds of millions of people have given their assumed or real names to voice their separation from the CCP, the single most deadly regime in human history. Here, Vision Times presents some recent statements from those who have quit the Party, translated from the Chinese.

Our Solemn Statement (Sept. 26, 2023)

“We love our country and the Chinese nation’s 5,000 years of traditional culture, but we do not love this communist party! Effective today we withdraw from the League and Pioneer organizations that we once joined; we don’t follow [the CCP], we won’t stand in allegiance with those evil, wicked people or be implicated in their crimes. We will be clean and pure, upright and compassionate people of China!”

— Fu Yu (福宇), Fu Xiao (福笑), Fu Qiang (富强), Fu Shan (福善), and Fu Li (福丽) of Shijiazhuang, China, announce their withdrawal from the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers

My Tuidang Statement (Sept. 24, 2023)

“I was still young when I joined the Chinese Communist Party. As part of my employment requirements I engaged in grassroots Party-building work, but at that time my grasp of the ideological concepts was still unclear, so I agreed to join the organization. As my understanding deepened over the years, and especially after I learned the truth of the [Party’s] actual history, I came to realize the irrationality of the CCP organization’s theoretical logic and its criminal legacy.

I solemnly announce my withdrawal from the three Party organizations and any other association of the CCP. I also hope that my family members can gain divine protection, know to think independently, and gain true freedom.”

— Ya Nan (亚楠), Xinxiang, Henan Province

‘I Have to Leave the CCP Before Its Inevitable Collapse’ (Sept. 24, 2023)

“The CCP uses its ideology to control others, but the Party itself has no real belief, only the inferior habits of the Chinese people [note: this is a term used by intellectuals in early modern China to criticize what they saw as the country’s backward thinking and customs]; it’s collapse is inevitable. For this reason I have decided to withdraw from the Young Pioneers.

In fact, I never actively made the decision to join in the first place, and didn’t understand anything. In middle school I came into contact with the ‘dissent bandits’ on the foreign internet, who told me about many things I didn’t know before. I realized that the CCP uses the internet as its tool of thought control; they control our internet access so as to control our minds, and then shamelessly unload their propaganda on us. As a high school student who has always had a rebellious streak and can’t stand the CCP, I hope for their expeditated demise.”

— Loice, Jiangsu Province

I Withdraw From the Young Pioneers (Sept. 23)

“Over the last decade plus, I have endured too many tribulations that I should not have to suffer at my age. Ultimately I discovered that all of this was brought about by the Chinese Communist Party, the world’s most evil organization.

Before, in my ignorance I was duped by the evil Party; now that I am clear on things, I willingly withdraw from the Young Pioneers. May Heaven Destroy the CCP!”

— Peng Peng (鹏鹏), mainland China