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How The Premium Select Group Is Redefining Insurance for Residents in Middletown, NY

Alina Wang
A native of New York, Alina has a Bachelors degree in Corporate Communications from Baruch College and writes about human rights, politics, tech, and society.
Published: September 27, 2023
Husband and wife duo Steve and Liz Derrizo are at the helm of The Premium Select Group Inc, based out of Middletown, New York. The company offers a wide range of policies including home, auto, rental, renters and motorcycle insurance. (Image: Vision Times Staff)

MIDDLETOWN, New York – Tucked away in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley, The Premium Select Group Inc. (PSG) is an independent agency that is rewriting the narrative on insurance. While many view insurance needs as a contractual obligation and extra bill to take care of, PSG is transcending conventional business models to provide services rooted in trust, value, and compassion. Its office, located in Middletown, is a testament to the power of human connection and understanding. 

To get a closer look at the company’s insurance offerings and operational systems, account manager Liz Arrington-Derrizo sat down with Vision Times to share her thoughts on what sets the company apart. 

Challenging the status quo

Middletown and the surrounding Hudson Valley come with their own set of challenges and risks, said Derrizo. But being local to the area, PSG has a profound understanding of these nuances. 

“I love to educate and let people understand the difference [in insurance],” says Derrizo. “Once they understand the difference, they always make the right choice.” Describing how she does not see her role as simply selling policies to residents, Derrizo believes in empowering clients with knowledge. “Cheap insurance is not always good insurance,” she stresses, adding that at PSG, the main focus is on offering the best value and coverage for each customer.

PSG’s deep-rooted connection to the community gives it a unique edge, says Derrizo. Offering a wide repertoire of policies, including home, auto, rental, renters and motorcycle insurance, the company enables account managers to tailor their services with a level of precision that larger corporations may find challenging to achieve. 

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In this way, PSG agents aren’t merely selling policies; they are crafting solutions that resonate with the lives of the individuals and businesses in Middletown, explained Derrizo. 

Understanding the landscape

Walking into the PSG office, one might be surprised by the diverse clientele. From local business owners to individuals who’ve recently moved to the U.S., PSG ensures every customer can have their insurance needs met. 

“I believe because [our customers] are in a comfortable environment, they don’t feel intimidated,” says Derrizo. This sense of belonging also extends beyond just words. In order to ensure that language isn’t a barrier, PSG has implemented translation apps to accommodate the diverse backgrounds of their customers. “Even if it’s a difference in the language,” Derrizo states, “We have apps that we use to translate in all languages.”

But what truly makes PSG stand apart in an industry rife with competition is the company’s tenacity in challenging the status quo, explains Derrizo. “At Premium Select Group, we are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom in our approach to insurance and protection,” the company’s mission statement reads. 

This bold approach is coupled with a robust understanding of the unique risks and challenges faced by individuals and businesses in the Middletown and Hudson Valley areas. At the heart of PSG’s success is its unyielding commitment to its clients. “All of our energy, commitment, and efforts are focused on you and your satisfaction,” the company claims. 

A personal touch

But perhaps what sets PSG apart the most is the company’s genuine emphasis on empathy and love for its customers. For Derrizo and her team, insurance isn’t just a transaction — it’s the forming of a relationship. “If you make somebody feel comfortable and when they know that you care, it doesn’t matter what language you speak. It’s the language of love; it’s the language of compassion,” says Derrizo who runs the business with her husband, Steve. 

She recalls an incident where she accompanied a client to court, not as a business obligation but out of genuine care. “I just wanted you to feel comfortable and know that somebody cared,” she reflects, emphasizing that sometimes, it’s “not just business — it’s about friendship and compassion.”

What further distinguishes PSG from other insurance agencies is its foundation as a family-owned business, explains Derrizo. “We believe in a family-owned business — this familial touch translates into an environment where every client is treated like family.”

‘Love is the key’

The deep-seated values of trust, understanding, and commitment that come with a family-run establishment are evident in every interaction at PSG. “What makes the Premium Select Group stand out from everybody else? Because it’s us. It’s because we care,” Derrizo states, emphasizing the familial bond that extends to every client that walks into its establishment.

“I want them to feel like they’re coming to my home when they walk into our office,” said Derrizo, adding, “Yes, it’s business, but it’s also something that we love doing because we love helping people.”

In a world where businesses often prioritize profit over people, PSG is a refreshing exception. As Derrizo succinctly states, “Love is the key.” By weaving together elements of compassion, understanding, and expertise, the company offers not just insurance policies, but peace of mind.

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