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A Mastery of Flavors: Discovering Northern New Jersey’s Finest Dining at the Halifax

Barbara Angelakis
Barbara Angelakis is travel & culture editor at LuxuryWeb Magazine.
Published: February 5, 2024
Perched on the hotel's ground floor, Halifax offers an enchanting dining experience, framed by breathtaking views of New York City's skyline. (Image: Manos Angelakis/LuxuryWeb Magazine)

Published with permission from LuxuryWeb Magazine

In the heart of Hoboken, nestled within the luxurious W Hotel, lies Halifax Restaurant — a gem that epitomizes the transformation of Northern New Jersey from a once-overlooked dining region to a vibrant culinary destination. Renowned for its array of exceptional chefs and restaurants, the area now boasts a rich tapestry of flavors stretching from Englewood to Cape May, with Halifax leading the charge.

Perched on the hotel’s ground floor, the Halifax offers an enchanting dining experience, framed by breathtaking views of the New York City skyline. The restaurant’s ambiance is a romantic fusion of modern design and natural elements, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, soft lighting, and a backdrop of lush greenery.

Perched on the hotel’s ground floor, Halifax offers an enchanting dining experience, framed by breathtaking views of New York City’s skyline. (Image: Manos Angelakis/LuxuryWeb Magazine)

The bar area, with its cascading wild plants, invites diners into a world of innovative cocktails, while the seating arrangements — from contemporary wooden tables to cozy pub-style settings — promise comfort and style. The option of outdoor seating further elevates the experience, allowing guests to dine under the stars against the Manhattan skyline.

(Image: Manos Angelakis/LuxuryWeb Magazine)

Upon our visit, Executive Chef Seadon Shouse warmly introduced us to his culinary philosophy — a “North Eastern Farm & Coastal Fusion” that reflects his Nova Scotia heritage. Halifax is not just a seafood paradise; it caters to all tastes with a diverse menu that includes everything from steaks and bison osso bucco to handcrafted pastas and vegetarian dishes, all sourced locally and prepared with meticulous care.

(Image: Manos Angelakis/LuxuryWeb Magazine)

One of the unique aspects of Halifax’s culinary practice is its dedication to using house-cured sea salt, derived from Montauk (Long Island, New York) salt deposits. This commitment to local sourcing and artisanal preparation extends to every dish — enhancing flavors and connecting diners to the region’s natural resources.

The use of their own salt is a testament to Chef Seadon’s passion for crafting authentic, locally inspired dishes that celebrate the Northeastern coast’s rich flavors and culinary heritage.

The menu — designed for sharing or solo dining — includes standout starters like the Poached Pear Salad served with Urbana greens, goat cheese, red wine vinaigrette, fennel, and candied walnuts. The dish is further complemented by an array of raw seafood options, artisan cheeses, and cured meats; all perfectly paired with still or sparkling wines.

(Image: Manos Angelakis/LuxuryWeb Magazine)

Our evening began with a selection of Chef Seadon’s house-made specialties, each ingredient carefully chosen from local providers to ensure the highest quality. From the duck liver pâté to the Black Sea Bass Tartar, each dish was a testament to the chef’s dedication to excellence.

(Image: Manos Angelakis/LuxuryWeb Magazine)

Our culinary journey continued with main courses that showcased the chef’s innovative use of flavors and ingredients. The Saffron Rigatoni with local lobster and the Bison Osso Bucco were particular highlights, demonstrating the kitchen’s ability to transform traditional dishes into modern masterpieces.

(Image: Manos Angelakis/LuxuryWeb Magazine)

Dessert was a delightful conclusion to our meal, with the Persimmon Pavlova and Pear Upside Down Cake offering a sweet finale that was as memorable as the rest of the dining experience. Halifax also curates special prix fixe menus for holidays like Valentine’s Day, ensuring each visit is uniquely enchanting.

(Image: Manos Angelakis/LuxuryWeb Magazine)

Halifax stands as a beacon of culinary excellence in Northern New Jersey, rivaling the best Manhattan has to offer. With its exceptional cuisine, stunning views, and inviting atmosphere, it’s a must-visit for anyone seeking a truly remarkable dining experience.

Editor’s Note: While Hoboken’s parking regulations can be challenging, Halifax provides a convenient solution with $20 valet parking available at the hotel’s garage. Just be sure your parking ticket is stamped before leaving to take advantage of this service.

Halifax Restaurant at the W Hotel
225 River Street, Hoboken, NJ
Tel: (201) 253-2500

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