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School Principal Suspended for Talking to Students About Big Tech Censorship
Barton Thorne, until recently the principal of Cordova High School in Memphis, Tennessee, was suspended after speaking to students about the dangers of big tech censorship. Thorne is suing his school district and its superintendent...
Apple Store Worker Censored
Top App Reviewer Sues Apple for Unjust Termination After Approving Application ‘Critical of the Chinese Government’
An iOS App Reviewer alleges he was wrongfully dismissed by Apple for approving an app created by a Chinese dissident who fled China in 2014 to seek asylum in the United States.  The app was...
Mike Pompeo says the Chinese people want a different path than Communism
Pompeo: The Chinese People Want a Different Path Than the Communist Party
In a recent interview, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described America’s rapidly shifting policies toward Beijing, saying: “We’ve now changed fundamentally how I think the West looks at China.” Speaking to Jan Jekielek, host...