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Firms who can afford to transact in LNG to Europe are raking $133 million in profit per shipment under the current conditions
Traders are Profiting $133 Million Per Shipment to Send US Natural Gas to Europe
Firms who have pockets deep enough to transact in the world of liquified natural gas are profiting $133 million per shipment sending U.S. natural gas to Europe, a recent article stated. The comments were made...
Explainer: Why Western Canada Has Some of the Cheapest Natural Gas in the World
Despite soaring global demand for natural gas, Canadian producers are struggling with volatile prices and deep discounts at Alberta's AECO hub, one of the largest storage facilities in North America and where the benchmark price...
BASF Cuts Ammonia Production Fertilizer Shortage
World’s Top Producer of Ammonia, a Key Component in Fertilizer, Slashes Production Amid German Energy Crisis
Ammonia, a critical component used in fertilizer, is about to meet with renewed scarcity as the world’s largest producer cuts production because of a wild energy crisis crushing the German economy. “We are reducing production...
Russia has signaled it wont be returning natural gas supplies to Europe to prevent the July 21 doomsday scenario.
Russia Signals European Natural Gas Deliveries Will Remain Cut at July 21 ‘Doomsday’
The Russian Federation has signaled it is unlikely that deliveries of natural gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline will be returned to Europe in time for the completion of scheduled maintenance, which commenced July...
California: Natural Gas Vehicles Achieved Negative Carbon Growth in 2020
The focus on clean energy is mostly monopolized by sources like solar, wind power, and so on. An often overlooked power source is Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), a purified form of biogas produced from organic...