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Joe Biden Links in Hunter Biden Scandal

While mainstream media prefers to separate Joe Biden from the scandal revolving around his son, evidence suggests that Joe Biden has deep ties with Hunter’s business dealings. Senator Chuck Grassley believes that Joe Biden has a “lot of explaining to do” regarding this issue.

Senator Ron Johnson notes that Hunter’s attorneys are refusing to cooperate with congressional oversight (Image: YouTube/Screenshot)

Grassley and Senate Governmental Affairs Chairman Ron Johnson recently published a report showing how Hunter Biden and his associates, who had connections to companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party, also had ties to Hunter’s family members. In an interview with The Epoch Times, Grassley points out that he has records proving a CCP-backed company sent Hunter’s law firm millions of dollars. Hunter also opened a line of credit with a person linked to the communist regime.

A newly uncovered email shows that Joe Biden was “office mates” with a suspicious Chinese national. The email, from 2017, was sent by Hunter Biden to the manager of his Washington office, asking her to make the keys available for “office mates” Joe Biden and Gongwen Dong who is said to have been an emissary of the Chairman of CEFC, a Chinese energy company. Tony Bobulinksi, one of Hunter’s former business partners, also admitted that Joe Biden was “plainly familiar” with Hunter’s Chinese business links. Grassley thinks that Hunter Biden and James Biden (Joe Biden’s brother) should be registered as agents of the CCP.

Grassley calls out the liberal media for turning a blind eye to the activities of Hunter Biden. “We found that they engaged in potential criminal financial deals across the globe, including China, which created counterintelligence concerns. We showed our work and we made our findings very public, but the liberal media and [Democrats] chose to dismiss our work. [They] even falsely claimed our work was Russian disinformation … in order to protect leaders of the other party… Those same liberal outlets that disparaged our investigation now report that Hunter Biden’s financial deals in China raised counterintelligence concerns,” Grassley said at the Senate.

The Joe Biden camp has said that they will not interfere with the Hunter Biden investigation. However, Hunter’s attorneys are already refusing to cooperate with congressional oversight, according to Ron Johnson. Hunter’s business associates, likewise, have not responded to the queries raised by the committee. Johnson points out that President Trump and his family have appeared in numerous congressional committees and produced documents, so the Biden family ought to cooperate with the Senate in the same manner. 

An injustice to the Republican Party

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Attorney General Bill Barr knew about the Hunter Biden investigation but kept quiet about the issue during the elections. President Trump feels that this was an injustice done to the Republican Party as the revelation could have easily swayed votes in their favor. “Joe Biden lied on the debate stage… He said ‘there’s nothing happening, nothing happening,’ and Bill Barr should have stepped up. Say what you want about Robert Mueller, when [a news outlet] put out a phony article … Bob Mueller stepped out and he said that article was a phony and then [it] was ultimately proven there was no collusion… Bill Barr should have done the same thing,” Trump said to Fox News.

It was recently revealed that Hunter is under investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware for tax-related issues. According to some reports, Hunter’s financial transactions were flagged by banks due to possible receipt of funds from China and other foreign nations. Republican James Comer has asked Joe Biden to not replace the current U.S. Attorney General for Delaware as his son is being investigated. He warned that any such interference would be seen as meddling in the affairs of the Justice Department.

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