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Chinese Regime Rounding Up Busloads of Citizens to Be Sent to Quarantine Camps

Published: December 18, 2021
Community workers with protective suits in Hongfuyuan residential community in Beiqijia Township, Chang Ping District, Beijing on the occasion of over 20.000 people that had to be quarantined (Image: Reuters)

The Chinese regime is purportedly transporting large groups of civilians to quarantine camps in its latest attempt to enforce its “zero COVID” policies.

Alarming footage of civilians of all ages in Zhejiang and Heilongjiang provinces, lining up in the middle of the night for transportation by bus, can be seen on videos made public by a Twitter user going by the handle Songpinganq.

“Heilongjiang province Nahe city Tens of thousands of people are being sent off to covid quarantine camps under police escort,” Songpinganq remarked, though the number of transported citizens he claims can not be verified by any of the video footage that he uploaded.

“If authority suspects you get infection of covid ( you are covid patients’s close contacts or sub-cloae contacts) no matter what your vaccine status and you are an average joe, you will be sent off to a covid quarantine camp,” he commented on his post.

In another video, Songpinganq shows a similar transport in the middle of the night in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, also claiming “tens of thousands” of people are being taken away to COVID-19 facilities.

Chinese quarantine facilities

Not only has proof of mass transportation surfaced, but China is also working on COVID-19 mega-facilities to house all of those forced into quarantine, the videos show.

One such camp is under construction near the city of Shaoxing, also in Zhejiang Province, which can house up to 5,500 people, according to a promotional video of a Chinese TV station. The facility is the biggest one so far, Songpinganq says. 

Many of the deportees remain in such facilities at their own expense, without proof of being infected and, without consent.

Foreigners targeted

Nobody can escape the iron grip of the Chinese authorities. Foreigners, too, have to obey the rules and are being spammed with instructional videos.

Some expats even go as far as to feature themselves in propaganda-style videos where they praise Chinese authorities and how they handled the pandemic.

“These foreigners are doing propaganda for ningbo government. They sing high praise for Chinese covid guards and health officials against covid!” the poster remarked.

Cities in lockdown

Some cities, like Shaoxing and Ningbo in Zhejiang province, which are home to millions, were for a large part locked down on extremely short notice, segregating families and bringing businesses to an abrupt halt. Another such place is Dongguan City in Guangdong Province, The Wall Street Journal reported

“Guangdong province dongguan city dalang town,” another of his Twitter posts reads. “Authority is locking this town up!”  Another video shows how thousands of health officials clad in hazmat suits arrived in the city of Dongguan in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile, in Dongguang City, daily testing is mandated for everyone if one wants their COVID-app to display a green light which allows them to work, shop, travel, or basically, to live.

“Hundreds of tens of thousands of people are lining up to do daily mandatory covid test to get their qr code green pass back,” Songpinganq wrote.

Escape to freedom

Meanwhile, people are trying to escape the quarantine by fleeing to other countries like neighboring Myanmar, which prompted the government to seal the border off with barbed wire.

Still, that doesn’t keep thousands of desperate Chinese from trying to take on the fence seeking their way to liberty.

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