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‘Communism Must Perish So That China May Live’: Chinese Quit the CCP

Published: September 8, 2023

The Tuidang movement, founded in November 2004, encourages Chinese around the world to renounce their oaths made to lay down their lives for communism when they joined the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or its affiliated youth organizations. Over the past two decades, hundreds of millions of people have given their assumed or real names to voice their separation from the CCP, the single most deadly regime in human history. Here, Vision Times presents some recent statements from those who have quit the Party, translated from the Chinese.

Quitting the Young Pioneers (Aug. 31, 2023)

“My uncle took part in the resistance against Japanese invasion, fought [for the CCP] against the Nationalist Party [in the civil war], and served as a provincial-level official. But the Communist Party locked him up for six years. We know how terrible the Communist Party is, so no one in our family became Party members.”

— Lang Xing’an (郎兴安), Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province

‘Communism Must Perish So That China May Live’ (Sept. 6, 2023)

The communist bandits’ savagery is unprecedented throughout history. Everyone who has a conscience should break their ties with this Leninist cult of communist scoundrels. I hereby solemnly declare my withdrawal from the Young Pioneers and Communist Youth League, which I joined back in the day due to my ignorance. Xi Jinping step down! Communist bandits, step down!”

— Huang Dongsheng (黄东升)

Quitting the Party, League, and Pioneers (Sept. 7, 2023)

“The Communist Party is constantly coming up with new policies to torture us! When our work unit had us undergo political inspections, I dropped what I was doing and went to the police station to go get a seal of approval. Once there, the police gave me a thorough interrogation, and even looked into all of my family members’ situations. They really did their best to make things as difficult as possible. They asked me several times if I had ever practiced Falun Gong, even though neither me not anyone in my family were ever Falun Gong practitioners; from this alone you can see how much the evil Party fears truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance [the central principles of Falun Gong] and how severe its persecution of Falun Gong is!

After all the procedures were through with, it felt like I’d just been raped. I was physically and psychologically disoriented, and felt a sense of indescribable humiliation! The extreme pandemic measures from last year are something I will never forget! I am not going to keep serving the evil Party, and now intend to resign from my post at some point. Right now, right here, I expressly declare my withdrawal from the Party, League, and Pioneers. I hope for the quick demise of Xi Jinping and the CCP’s evil regime!”

— Yu Na (余娜), Xi’an