Wild Life

Giant Pandas Removed From Endangered Species List

Giant pandas, a symbol for conservation, are no longer listed as an endangered species, according to the International Union for …

Space Junk Damages ESA Satellite

Satellites perform a variety of jobs in space. From bouncing cell phone signals to beaming your favorite television shows, satellites …

The ‘Tug of War’ of Climate Change Keeps Scientists Guessing

Storm tracks — regions where storms travel from west to east across oceans and continents driven by the prevailing jet stream …
Space, Video

The Supernova That Wasn’t: A Tale of 3 Cosmic Eruptions

Combining images taken with the Hubble Space Telescope over more than 20 years, a team of UA researchers has discovered …

First Gravitational Waves Are Formed After 10 Million Years

If two galaxies collide, the merging of their central black holes triggers gravitational waves, which ripple throughout space. An international …

Alice Yim Fashion Featured at Nolcha Shows for New York Fashion Week

Nolcha Shows attracted fashion lovers to Artbeam Studios on Monday, where Olivia B’s runway show starred emerging brands like that …

A Simple Yet Prestigious Recipe for Fried Rice With XO Sauce

XO sauce is a spicy seafood sauce invented in Hong Kong. It is made of chopped dried seafood that includes …

Lobsters Caught in Sewer and Stored in a Restroom — Would You Eat Them?

Summer is the peak season for Chinese people to consume freshwater lobsters, also called crayfish. Every day in Wuhan, China, …

Hailstorm Drops Egg-Shaped Hailstones, Puncturing Cars (Images)

A devastating hailstorm affected Changzhi in Shanxi, China at 4 P.M. on June 13, 2016. Netizens’ photos show the hailstones were …

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The 8 Cardinal Virtues in a Human’s Life

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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrates Full Moon in Hong Kong

Legend of the Moon Festival, Also Known as the Mid-Autumn Festival

What Is the Chinese Moon Festival and How to Celebrate It

Native Americans Protest Dakota Access Oil Pipeline

Freedom Swimmer: An Interview With the Author

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Chicken Feet Soup Nourishes Qi and Supports Fertility

Chicken feet may look a little scary, and confronting at first but they make a most nourishing, and nutrient-rich stock. …
People, Video

Would You Prefer a Subway Symphony to Turnstile Beeps?

On a quest to save us from the irritating noise the New York subway turnstiles make, former LCD Soundsystem front man James …

Have You Discovered the Wonders of Lavender Lemonade?

Just the sound of lavender lemonade has me wanting to make this delicious drink. Not only does it taste good, …

Google CFO Quits Job, His Reason Will Make You Want to Quit Yours

Google’s CFO, Patrick Pinchette is retiring a little bit early due to what he calls: “A perfectly fine midlife crisis …
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Thousands of Skeletons Being Unearthed Under London Train Station

3,000 skeletons from the 16th and 17th centuries are to be dug up from beneath London’s Liverpool Street Station. This is …
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This Scientist Offers Herself as Bed Bug Dinner for Us

Biologist Regine Gries from Simon Fraser University has gifted her arms to over a thousand bedbugs each week for five …
hotel perks

11 Extravagant Hotel Perks the Ultra-Rich Are Enjoying Without You (Infographic)

This is as much about luxury hotels competing with each other, as it is about super rich people actually wanting …
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